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From A Concept To Success: Diaspora Focus Group In London

As part of the Diaspora Registration initiative, alongside DEED and the Kosovar Ministry of Diaspora are holding the third Diaspora Focus Group Discussion. The event will gather representatives of the Kosovar and Albanian embassies in the United Kingdom, as well as opening speeches by representatives of UNDP, Ministry of Diaspora and IOM. The London Diaspora Focus group is expected to have greater attendance (with already 30 confirmed participants) due to the coverage of the Kosovodiaspora platform and the Kosovar community living in London.

The discussion will be held on 25th of February at 16:00 Hrs on Gredley House, 1-11 Broadway Stratfford London. Refugee Council, Meeting Room F.

After the discussion, the Kosovodiaspora team would like to invite the participants for an informal gathering at the The Langthorne, Stratford, 12-14 The Broadway, Stratford,London.


#InstaKosova Winners Announced

Organized for the second time in celebration of the seventh anniversary of Kosovo’s independence, the competition has brought about  25 thousand photos posted in all social networks with the hashtags #InstaKosova and #InstaKosovo.

#InstaKosova competition is a platform for supporting Kosovo’s digital diplomacy in promoting the young country to the rest of the world. The competition seeks to bring about the best of Kosovo through engaging its citizens at showing their frame of how Kosovo looks like in the morning,  the way Kosovo streets portray life and the daily macchiato breaks. All in all, the competition seeks to highlight what is the force that produces the love that so many have for the little country of Kosovo.

The #InstaKosova team explained that “the selected photos represent the purest illustration of the feelings by the people breathing in this country. They channel the views from the eyes of the youngsters that wake-up in the city center, in the sprawling suburbs, in the picturesque villages, on the magnificent mountain peaks, or at dazzling festival parties and after-parties all over this country. So yes, these are the photos that we wanted to showcase in this edition of #instakosova/#instakosovo and these are the select photos that your eyes will gaze upon in this book.”


This year’s winner is Sara Rodiqi and her photo titled “N’kamp verës në Ngom Fest, Prizren”. The jury consisted of Blerim Racaj (photographer), Nita Salihu (designer), Blerta Kambo (photographer), Arjeta Emra (director at the British Council) and Era Istrefi (singer).  The  jury commented that “the winning photo gave an aura of  sincere, pure, real, and lush with life feel- a charming snapshot of friends that seem to have all the world bubbling within them, conveying a state of limitless utopia with each other and with us as viewers. It is not a photo that is instantly noticeable, but it is one whose beauty gracefully grows and multiplies as you stare at it.”

Winners of the 10 best photos are: Jetmir Idrizi, Diellza Hasani, Armend Krasniqi, Agon Syla, Agron Beqiri, Nita Deda, Orgesa Arifi, Fisnik Dobreci, Drenusha Lika and Nëntor Oseku. The jury has also selected 100 photos which will be published in a book of photographs. Available for free throughout various state institutions around the world.

#instakosova is initiated and supported by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kosovo and is present online at, where you can check all winners and best 100 photos.

Albanians in UK Meet Kosovo’s Minister of Diaspora

On February 16, Kosovo’s Diaspora members living in UK gathered in a meeting held at the “Haverstock” primary school in London. Members of the Albanian community in UK, businessmen, students, representatives of the Albanian associations and diplomatic institutions had the chance to meet with Kosovo’s new Minister of Diaspora, Mr. Valon Murati, and Kosovo’s Ambassador in the UK, Mr. Lirim Greicevci.


Mr. Greicevci opened the meeting by welcoming the Diaspora members and extending appreciation for their continuous contribution to the good of the Albanian community in UK.

The Minister of Diaspora, Mr. Valon Murati, presented the future plans and recent activities of MoD, which include the signing and implementation of the education curriculum on Albanian language, to be implemented in cooperation with the Republic of Albania. Additionally, Mr. Murati mentioned the necessity of developing a new approach towards Diaspora, which will take into account the different needs of Diaspora generations in countries where Albanians live. The creation of a strategy that would provide better conditions and facilitated procedures for Diaspora businessmen, who aim to invest in Kosovo, was another highlight of Minister’s speech during the meeting.

During the event, Minister Murati answered several questions from representatives of the Albanian associations and received direct information regarding concerns and the challenges faced by the Albanian community in the UK.

#KosovoEverywhere Prize Winners Announced

On February 13, the jury of selected the winners of #Kosovoeverywhere campaign. The winner is a picture from Kazakhstan, a country that does not recognize Kosovo yet. The second prize goes to a group of youngsters in another non-recognizing country, Bangladesh. Bronze goes to a beautiful picture taken in Rocky Mountains, Canada. The three winners will receive a prize. Among the eight jury members were three Kosovar professional photographers: Bujar Gashi, Shkelzen Rexha and Korab Basha.KosovoEverywhere_1



“Although the campaign is officially finished, we think it is a great idea to keep taking pictures with the Kosovo flag in the world. We will put every picture in our online album,” says Kanarina Shehu. “The power of digital diplomacy can benefit Albanians around the world. This campaign is an easy and friendly way of showing the world Kosovo is everywhere,” she explains further.

#Kosovoeverywhere campaign started on July 2014. Kosovo Diaspora invited people around the world to take pictures with the flag of Kosovo during their holiday, study, or business trips. The campaign resulted in showing Kosovo in around fifty different countries around the world.

Starting from last year’s summer, dozens of people took pictures and uploaded them via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. “People brought a Kosovar flag in their suitcase or printed the flag on a piece of paper. They made a selfie in the center of a city or at a beautiful nature sight. Some even managed to take pictures of local people carrying our flag, even in countries that do not recognize the Republic of Kosovo”, explains Kanarina Shehu, coordinator of

All picture submissions can be found at the following link in our Facebook page: The call for submissions can be found here.

Muja’s Exhibition in SIZ Gallery of Croatia

Alban Muja (born 1980 in Mitrovica) is one of the most renowned contemporary artists in Kosovo. His works are part of “Everything is Eternity — when we are victory obsessed” collective exhibition, which opens today at 7pm in the SIZ Gallery Rijeka, Croatia.

Muja_Exhibition_CroatiaNemanya Cvijanović, Lana Čmajčani, Filip Jovanovski, and OPA artists are also part of this exhibition, which will be open until February 28, 2015.

Čmajčani’s website describes that that the exhibition refers to the language of propaganda in present tense, taking into consideration historical issues and actions. The artists, through references to diverse systems and orders as well as particular universal or local stories, will pose fundamental questions engendered by the phenomenon of play, a phenomenon clearly ubiquitous in the public discourse, and will consider the relationship between the national and the alien and repressed. Questions will also be asked about the presence of the other and One of Us, as well as the rules according to which they join the play. Who will win is anyone’s guess. Still, there is no doubt that obsession with victory is both present and inevitable, regardless of the social, political or cultural context.

National Library of Kosovo in Harvard University

On February 10, the Harvard University Graduate School of Design featured the National Library of Kosovo in a new exhibition entitled “Icons of Knowledge: Architecture and Symbolism in National Libraries.”

Kosovalive360 news portal reports that the exhibition is curated by Harvard graduates Daniel Rauchwerger and Noam Dvir. Both Mr. Rauchwerger and Mr. Dvir created the exhibition after publishing their research in Harvard Design Magazine on the similarity of designs among national libraries. Accoring to Rauchwerger “these buildings are, after all, very dramatic and symbolic; they’re palaces of knowledge and virtue.”

The exhibition examines why national libraries are such symbolic icons of a nation, as well as why nations invest so many resources into constructing buildings that maintain their cultural legacy.

Opened in 1982 and designed by Croatian architect Andrija Mutnjaković, the National Library of Kosovo’s controversial design is a source of architectural debate (the UK newspaper, The Telegraph, named it one of the world’s 30 ugliest buildings). But the Library’s combination of cubes and domes—the architect’s attempt to join Islamic Ottoman and Orthodox Byzantine influences—gives it a unique appearance that has become a symbol of Pristina.

In defiance of the building’s critics, the inclusion of the National Library of Kosovo in Harvard’s exhibition stands testament to the building’s symbolism and architectural value as a place of knowledge and cultural heritage – two values that should be remembered as Kosovo finds its own voice as a European nation state.

Originally contributed by James Evans, Communications Assistant at Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Besa Exhibition in the City of Lausanne

“Besa” exhibition of photographs has been traveling in different cities of Switzerland in a yearlong odyssey of bringing light to the courage and sacrifice shown by Albanians towards saving Jewish population during World War II.

besaDuring its stop in Lausanne, Switzerland, the exhibition will follow this agenda:

“Besa” Exhibition – Photographs of Norman H. Gershman
Opening: Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at 6:00 pm in the Town Hall Forum in Lausanne
Visiting hours: Mondays to Friday from 12-18:00 pm, and Saturday’s from 10:00-18:00.

Thursday, February 12, 2015, 8:00 p.m. (Bar: 19:30 Start: 20h)

Events and evolution of Holocaust denial in Europe, Switzerland and the Balkan region” Conference
Date/Time: Thursday, February 19, 2015, 4:15 p.m. at
5021 Room (5th floor), Building Anthropole, University of Lausanne, 1015 Lausanne

In Albanian, Besa means “keeping the promise. It’s a code of honor that is centrally anchored in the Albanian culture. Someone who acts according to the principleBesa” is someone who keeps his word, which can be trusted with his own life and that of his family. Albanians, Muslims and Christians alike testify thatBesa” was their motivation to take a great personal risk to save the lives of Jews during the Second World War.

For more information on the “Besa” exhibition, you can check its official website.

Kosovo Develops the Road Map for the Diaspora Registry

The first week of February 2015 has marked the finalization of the Road Map for the Diaspora Registry. On February 6 to 8, Representatives of the DEED project, along with the commission that was appointed by the Kosovo’s Minister of Diaspora, Mr. Valon Murati, held a workshop in Boge, Kosovo, to review, draft, and finalize the Road Map for the Diaspora Registry. This commission consisted of officials from the MoD, the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, as well as academics from the field of statistics.

The Diaspora Engagement for Economic Development reports that the workshop began with an initial review of the process that is already in place for registration of the diaspora. At this phase, what has been accomplished thus far as a result of the diaspora register was discussed, and future steps, including possible initiatives, were taken into consideration. This phase also included planning for future activities as well as budget scheduling and planning for the remainder of the process for the diaspora registry.

On the following day, the plan for awareness and public information in regards to the registry were discussed and drafted. The final draft included a plan for public awareness campaigning, as well as other activities which will work towards making the diaspora registry more prevalent in public media.

On the final day of the workshop, February 8, the draft concept document for the diaspora registry was reviewed, and the plan for public awareness was revised, thereby bringing the workshop to a conclusion.

*The Diaspora Registry process is developed by the Ministry of Diaspora with the aim of strengthening Diaspora’s ties and participation in policy development processes in Kosovo. The platform has partnered with the MoD and Diaspora Engagement for Economic Development (DEED) to promote the registry among our widespread diaspora communities across five continents.

If you are a Diaspora member and would like to register, please click HERE.