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Elza Rexhi – Potential Miss Diaspora

Elza Rexhi is a 17 year old with an eye on the Miss Diaspora competition. Elza is originally from Gjilan and intends to represent the Albanians living in the United Kingdom. Elza is considered a favorite and people believe she has a real shot at winning the crown. Last year, Elza won the Public Award and worked with various fashion shows, such as the Kosova Fashion Week, which gave Elza the competitive advantage on stage.

The event, already an annual tradition, will take place on 7th of June at the city of Dusseldorf (Germany) where a total of 12 girls and 6 boys will be competing for the “Miss” and “Mister Diaspora” titles.

Since Elza Rexhi will be representing the United Kingdom based Albanians, the diaspora community from both outside and inside the UK are able to vote for Elza through this link HERE

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Swiss Music Leader Who Keeps Kosovo Orchestra Alive

Lukas Greiner, the leader of Basel Youth Orchestra “Birseck Schule” is making a big contribution for Kosova Youth Orchestra. Cooperation between Greiner and Kosova Youth Orchestra came as a result of the previous cooperation between two orchestras, especially because of the joint tour with concerts in Kosova, the main aim of which was to develop the interactivity between young musicians of Kosova and Switzerland.

The next tour that will be held in Basel is another opportunity to strengthen this interactivity. Basel Youth Orchestra “Birseck Schuke” invited their Kosovar counterparts to participate. However, this tour will unfortunately not be certain for as long as Kosova Youth Orchestra has no other donors but Basel Youth Orchestra. BYO settled the transportation problem for their Kosovar colleagues.

All of this is a special contribution of the leader of Basel Youth Orchestra “Birseck Schule”, Lukas Greiner. He is engaged not only with the instrumentalists of his orchestra but also with Kosovar instrumentalists.

“One of the biggest successes for us is the permanent cooperation with a youth orchestra from Dornach-Birseck Schule of Basel, Switzerland. Owing to leader of this orchestra, Mr. Lukas Greiner – who is the key person that is keeping alive our orchestra through humanitarian aid and permanent financing of our tours – we managed to realize a dream for Kosova’s youth. We sent 25 young instrumentalists for a two-week tour in Italy, together with their young colleagues from Basel”, noted for ‘’ Kushtrim Gashi, the leader of Kosova Youth Orchestra.

After the April tour in Kosova,Mr. Lukas Greiner and his friends raised funds to take their 40 Kosovar colleagues to a tour abroad – in Basel, Switzerland. 5000 Swiss francs for 40 Kosovar musicians, assuring their flight to Switzerland, is the concrete aid from Swiss young musicians. However, the Kosova Youth Orchestra instrumentalists are not sure about their tour yet, because they have not managed to find donations for accommodation during the concert tour in Switzerland.

This tour would be another achievement for Kosova Orchestra and the young instrumentalists. Also, it would be another presentation and representation of our culture.

“I’ve asked for donations in Kosova, but as you can know, they refuse you with a lot of justifications. So we haven’t found any support here, unfortunately”, noted kapellmeister Gashi, disappointed, but hoping to get some help from Kosovar diaspora members in Switzerland.

If they manage to raise sufficient funds, young instrumentalists from Kosova will visit Basel Youth Orchestra, from October 31st to November 3rd or 4th of this year.

Kosova Youth Orchestra was established in 2009 and from its beginning it has greatly developed and had numerous successful concerts. So far, they have performed almost in all of the cities in Kosova, in some cities in Albania and lately in Italy as well.

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“FC Diaspora 2014″ Now an official football team!

The Kosovar Diaspora is known for its impact in football, both in Kosovo and their host countries, by their contribution in one way or another. This time, the Albanians of Soyhieres (Canton of Jura, Switzerland) have decided to establish a football team called “FC Diaspora 2014”. 

Establishing “FC Diaspora 2014” has brought numerous positive outcomes for the community. Through this team, local Albanians have found a sense of cultural identity and unity. The team is a concrete result of hard work and determination. The team logo is in red and black and includes the head of an eagle, thus contributing to both the integration of Albanians in Switzerland as well as the promotion of cultural identity.

The team is intended to train and promote future prospects of Diaspora football stars. Albanian youngsters, willing to train and play are encouraged to join the team and benefit from it. As explained by the founders of the team (Leonis Tafaj and Besim Hoxha), the team is intended to promote friendly play as well as integration through sport. The team is open to all interested candidates, thus all youngsters interested in football are encouraged to join the team and learn more about their origin as well as have fun through playing.

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Flora Suldashi – Exhibition in Hamburg

The label Flora S. stands for the highest quality, exclusivity and individuality in fashion and textile industry. Behind this label is the Kosovar fashion designer Flora Suldashi who lives in Hamburg, Germany.

In Hamburg, Germany, the public had the chance to view the creations of Flora Suldashi. Within this fashion event titled “Cocktelkleider”(cocktail party dresses) by Flora.S , the viewers had a chance to see Flora’s work and responded positively to the creations of varied neutral colors from gray to dark to rose.

Flora is a fashion designer of Kosovar origin based in Germany. She proudly talks of her dresses and explains that “the dresses presented at this event have been of “Lady Style” made of new materials and small palettes that have been trendy this year, whereas the inner layers are made of natural cotton”.

The event attracted over 200 guests and media representatives. At the closing ceremony, the guests were pleasantly surprised by Flora and her decision to freely give 200 scarfs for the guests as a sign of appreciation.

“Freedom Journeymen” reach Zagreb

The “Freedom journeymen” are a group of people that have begun their journey from Gjilan on the 30th of April (9:30 AM), specifically from Zahir Pajaziti square, with the intent of reaching Brussels. The Journeymen have arrived in Zagreb (on 26th of May) and have paid a visit to the Kosovar Embassy

The team, consisted of four members: NIjazi Ajdini, Jahi Mustafa, Xhevdet Shabani and Liridon Gashi; had the chance to meet with the appointed Kosovar Ambassador  Mrs. Geci Sherifi as well as General Esat Collaku, the latter of which expressed an interest on logistical support to the journeymen.

During the meeting, the “Freedom Journeymen” described their experience with the travel so far. They informed Mrs. Geci-Sherifi on their upcoming stops in Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Belgium and Brussels. Ambassador Geci-Sherifi thanked the journeymen for their courage and motivation. Mrs. Geci-Sherifi, explained that the symbolism of the journey, “5 million steps for one step” has a great meaning and will be a great motive for promoting support to the idea of visa liberalization for Kosovar Citizens.

Gazmend Freitag: the long path to the Biennale!

Gazmend Freitag is truly a unique individual. His early childhood is characterized by the visible talent of drawing. Alongside drawing, Gazmend was very interested in literature, which made him remarkably different from his siblings. While different school awards are well racked up on Gazmends personal shelf, it is his path to success that brings his story to KosovoDiaspora.

Gazmend Freitag had finished his second semester of  Law School (1988) when his life would take a turn. Following the forced closure of the  University of Prishtina and student demonstrations, Gazmend Freitag, being a part of the revolt, found himself in a difficult situation. The rather hopeless situation forced Mr. Freitag to leave for Germany, where he once again got back to his true passion for drawing and painting. Despite his parents’ desire of him becoming a lawyer, Mr. Freitag pursued his dream and took classes at various art institutions between 1990 -2003. On 2013, Mr. Freitag begun his studies at the Linz University of Arts, specializing in Nudes. Mr. Freitag is showing great success under the supervision of the famous Annelies Oberdanner.

Being a painter as every other craftsmanship takes dedication and time. Mr. Freitag has been attending private lectures of a number of experienced painters. His works cover a range of topics: autobiographic, surroundings, landscapes, various portraits, childhood memories, nudes and many others. Mr. Freitag’s favorite tools are graphite pencil, chalk and fountain pen as well as oil for canvas paintings. His work truly represents the sensitive nature of an ambitious author.

KD: How was your experience at Biennale?

My attendance of the Bienaleld easily be considered as a climax of my creative work.  It has been a privilege to take part at an international event where art of high caliber is presented and valued. I have presented two of my paintings, paintings that have been selected by the Editors; “Baresha” and “African Dance”- both oil paintings. My work and personal biography have been presented on the catalog, both in English and Italian, specifically the painting under the title “Baresha”. Through this event, I have had the chance to meet with the world renowned Art Critic, Mr. Vittrio Sgarbi, who gave a lot of positive feedback on “Baresha”.

KD: What projects are you working on now?

I have been a member of “Galeriestudio38” for a year now. The gallery is based in Vienna where I am professionally represented by curator and head of the Gallery, Madam Ursula Pfeiffer. Currently I have an exhibition open with two Austrian painters under the theme of “Ginger und Fred”. The exhibition is based in Vienna and awaits visitors until the end of May 2014. We have been working on a new project with the theme “Beautiful Moments” where I will be selecting work worthy of representing the Albanian culture.

In the meantime, I have been offered collaboration with an Albanian curator based in Bozen (Italy). The curator is eager to present my work through a personal exhibition.

KD: How do you see the art and culture scene in Kosovo?

Kosovar Art and culture is very promising and avant-garde, I appreciate it highly. It is a wonder; there is a great number of quality artists who should promote their work in the world. I am a great fan and support Kosovar Art.

KD: How can diaspora members contribute to a better image of Kosovo aboard?

Kosovars in the Diaspora are currently well integrated in many spheres of life. I would like to see more and more of the diaspora engage in solidarity, civil and cultural organizations that in turn preserve tradition and identity. The greater the success in Diaspora, the more we will be capable of contributing towards improving the image of Kosovo. There is a range of values we could give our contribution to: Kosovo’s culture, architecture, natural resources (a good source of foreign investment) and tourism. All in all, the Kosovar diaspora is vitally important with its contribution to Kosovo.

Zana Iseni at “Miss Bern 2014″

Albanian native Zana Iseni is a serious candidate among 12 other girls competing at the beauty contest “Miss Bern 2014”. The event is taking place at the “Arena Kursaal” in Bern, Switzerland. 

The 18 year old Iseni, works as a commercial officer and is determined to win. In case of selection, Iseni assures that she will represent the country on the best way possible. “If I get crowned as Miss Berna 2014, I will make sure people realize that we are not only beautiful, we are intelligent as well” says Zana Iseni.

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Kosova-Turkey, second international friendly!

Turkey has been chosen as the second challenge. The Kosovar team will be playing its second FIFA international friendly match on Wednesday at 18:00 pm at the Adem Jashari stadium in Mitrovica.

The Kosovar Football Federation (FFK) through its president Mr. Fadil Vokrri has announced that Mr.Fatih Terim, the Turkey National President was interested for such a match to occur.

Around 14:00 pm, the Airplane carrying the Turkish National Team has landed at Prishtina International Airport (Adem Jashari). Mr. Fadil Vokrri and other well-known Kosovar Football figures have had the chance to welcome and host the arrivals alongside their leader, Mr. Fatih Terim.

“The Emperor” has handpicked the best Turkish players on its upcoming game against Kosovo, including the Borusia Dortumnt Star, Nuri Shahin.

The Turkish team had been welcomed by a group of Turkish fans from Kosovo, whom during their arrival; they had called the names of each player.

The arrival of the Turkish team at the Swiss Diamond Hotel in Prishtina. 

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Besnik Hasi reaches the top of Belgian Football

The young Gjakova native tells the unlikely story of success. Mr. Hasi has managed to put Anderlecht from a common team to the heights of becoming the league’s champion.

On 10th of March 2014, Besnik Hasi had been appointed as the head coach of Anderlecht (Belgium). His appointment had been considered as odd and considered to be done only for the sake of formalities, since the team did not have aspirations to reach the championship. To be more precise, none had the aspirations except Mr. Hasi.

“The team had been stuck back, thus when I accepted the job, I did not have the pressure of success. My advantage was that I had been engaged with the team for some time now, thus I was aware of its qualities. It was difficult but the first thing that needed to be done was the removal of all senior players and the inclusion of the younger ones closer to the field. I have managed to fulfill my ambitions only by engaging young and ambitious players, not by sticking to the players who have already reached their peaks of success. None had expected this level of achievement. I have to admit, neither have I. However, I have had a lot of trust in the players and was willing to push them to the limit.” – explains Mr. Hasi

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Three day Forum on Diaspora Business

Three day Forum on Diaspora Business

A forum on establishing a Business Union among the diaspora has begun on Friday. The forum is being held in Prishtina and will last for three days. Organized by the Diaspora Ministry as well as the Ministry of Trade and Industry, with support of UNDP and IOM. The aim of the forum is the creation of an all-encompassing Union of Kosovar Diaspora Businesses in Europe and USA. 

Among important figures taking part at the forum are: Ibrahim Makolli (Minister of Diaspora), Bernard Nikaj (Minister of Trade and Industry), Shpend Ahmeti (Mayor of Prishtina), Vesa Kotlainen (Finish Embassy). As part of forum activity, there are visits by diaspora business network delegations from other municipalities. Furthermore, there are delegations from diaspora networks from Kosovo, Albania, Presheva Valley, Montenegro and Macedonia.

It is noteworthy to mention that Mr. Behgjet Pacolli’s involvement and opinion on the matter. “We would want to organize the Albanians around the globe, network all their businesses into a Union that would help on revitalizing Kosovo and the nation as whole.”

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