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The fourth Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Kosovo 2016, organized by Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK), was held from 14 to 20 November. Germin organized a Google Hangout within the GEW with Indira Kartallozi and Ruzhdi Morina moderated by Liza Gashi, programme director of Germin.These Google Hangouts to generate dialogue and promote reflection on important issues among the diaspora community.

Based in Cambridge, UK, Kartallozi is the founder and director of Chrysalis Family Futures – a social enterprise that stands for protection and empowerment of human and socio-economic rights of vulnerable and marginalised families and children. She is also the founder of the Migrant Entrepreneurs Network, an organization that connects migrant entrepreneurs and promotes their role in global economic and social development. Kartallozi states that she finds support in people who are visionaries, as they are people with good intentions who aim to enhance development, by not being part of any initiative that would impair the state.

Ruzhdi Morina, a graduate student of Business Administration in Austria, is currently working on his thesis “A business model based in democratic principles”. The purpose of his research is not just focused on stable enterprises, but it also aims to show that opening a business is not easy. The most developed states invest in enterprises and start-up businesses, because they are a strong feature for economic development and generate new working places.

Kartallozi’s advice to the young enthusiasts wanting to start a business is to be patient. Initially, it requires lots of energy and time and the results are seen later. As for starting a successful enterprise in Kosovo, she states that the key is good teamwork. Above all, Kartallozi believes that it is crucial to think about what that start-up will bring to the society. On the other hand, Morina points out to the importance of collectivity and individuality, transparency, free ideas, invitation, collaboration, the right of free choice, and love and spirituality. According to him, they help build a solid enterprise that will develop and be a space where each member feels like a part of the team and, thus, is motivated to work.

The first-ever Albanian Diaspora Summit, under the moto ‘’Wholehearted for Albania’’ (Të pandarë për Shqipërin) presented Golden Eagles Awards for influence individuals, institutions and organizations in Diaspora which are aimed at boosting the image of Albanians around the world. Among 15 of them, Germin won the Golden Eagle Award for its contribution to the Albanian in the world.

The government of Albania and Kosovo awarded Germin, during the gala, for its work on creating an Albanian Diaspora Network. on gala Summit of Diaspora by presenting 15 Golden Eagle awards.

On behalf of the Germin, Liza Gashi, the director of programs, accepted the award from the Minister of Diaspora in Kosovo, Valon Murati.

“I am pleased to give this prize to a non-governmental organization, which is working intensively for diaspora network – and this organization is Germin’’ said Minister Murati.

While Liza Gashi added, “Our work is made possible by all those who live in 14 countries of the world. We are grateful.”

Prize winners of the Golden Eagle Awards included, Germin (Kosovo), (Switzerland), Keti Biçoku (Italy), Gasmen Toska (Albania), Mark Gjonaj (New York), NGO Motrat Qiriazi (New York), NGO Shpresa (United Kingdom), Batalioni Atlantiku (New York), Ruki Kondaj (Canada), Family Rusi (New York), Albanian Global Diaspora Businees (Austria), Auerla Konduri (Greece), Mario Brunettin (Italy) Institute Alb Shkenca and Bruno Selimaj.

Apply Now: Startup Weekend Prishtina

Startup Weekends are 54-hour events designed to provide superior experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. Beginning on  Friday night pitches and continuing through brainstorming, business plan development, and basic prototype creation, Startup Weekends culminate in Sunday night demos and presentations. Participants create working startups during the event and are able to collaborate with like-minded individuals outside of their daily networks. All teams hear talks by industry leaders and receive valuable feedback from local entrepreneurs.

The event is intended to be a collaborative forum for sharing, learning, building, and having fun. As such, by registering as a participant, you acknowledge that any ideas shared by you or anyone else over the course of the event are contributions to the overall experience and community.

Kosovo Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week

For the fourth year,  the Innovation Centre Kosovo is hosting the Global Entrepreneurship Week – a week full of activities, celebration and excitement revolving around Entrepreneurship in Kosovo. This week  of November is globally dedicated to  emerging and established  entrepreneurs, innovators and job creators who launch startups that make  new ideas come to life and contribute to  their country’s economic growth .

Kosovo, as a young  country, is undergoing  a major economic transition. Therefore, events such as GEW, which bring together innovators and changemakers are a crucial aspect of Kosovo’s development. Similar to previous years, this year’s GEW brings together self-starters, investors and businesspeople  so they can  explore new concepts and solutions, develop networks and establish new startups. Considering the competitive market structure of Kosovo, a week full of activities supporting and exploring the potential of young Kosovars represents a window of new opportunities.

Today  GEW kicked off with a forum on Kosovo Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. The opening features two  panel session with successful figures who discussed and commented on the trends of “Entrepreneurship,  Education & Access to Finance.”  The forum was  held at the Swiss Diamond Hotel, under the patronage of the US Ambassador to Kosovo, Mr. Greg Delawie. Mr. Delawie has already delivered a message regarding the Global Entrepreneurship week. He highlights:  “Thanks to you, every day great ideas are becoming reality, translating in investment, jobs and economic development for Kosovo.” He further states that, after all, the most successful entrepreneurs don’t just create ideas or start businesses…they solve real-world problems.

This November, GEW Kosovo 2016 will focus on  five themes. The themes are: GEW Women, GEW Youth, GEW Investors, GEW Cities, GEW Scale-ups.

Over thirty-five partners have already confirmed their contribution to GEW, and each of them will share their expertise and commitment on several events based on their field of interest. The events will be scattered all over Kosovo, such as in Prishtine, Ferizaj, Gjakove, Istog, Mitrovice, etc. These successful firms and organizations have already shared their activity list scheduled for the next week.

Through these highlighted themes, GEW Kosovo organizers promise to achieve an entrepreneur-friendly environment where people will be able to get involved and work through opportunities based on their enthusiastic choices. During the event, participants will be able to connect and network with potential collaborators, mentors and even investors.

We are very excited to be part of the world’s largest entrepreneurship campaign, which aims to promote startup opportunities and business aspirations through creative local activities, fused with international enthusiastic energy. 

So what are you waiting for?  Mark your calendars, and get ready for GEW Kosovo 2016! 

DiasporaFlet – interactive platform for diaspora

Three years after establishing the KosovoDiaspora platform, Germin, in collaboration with Diaspora partner organizations, has taken the initiative to establish the Structured Dialogue on the Rights of the Diaspora.

Before 100 attendees, within the Structured Dialogue for Diaspora Rights, Germin launched the interactive platform for Diaspora The virtual platform for Diaspora aims to connect our Diaspora community members  and facilitate the promotion of their social and political rights. The platform has three interactive elements- map, calendar, and blog. Each organization in Diaspora (formal or informal) can create its profile in the platform and update it with information at any time.

Behar Xharra, executive director of Germin, through skype connection from Bangladesh told the purpose of the initiative and the importance of the diaspora, being the largest social group in Kosovo.

“Let’s start to give a chance to diaspora, so they can promote their political and social and also be part of policy-making process in Kosovo. The need to start this initiative was for two reasons: First, because diaspora is fragmented. Second, to have structured dialogue between the diaspora community, government, and among different Diaspora communities”, added Xharra.

The director of Swiss Cooperation in Kosovo, Patrick Etienne said he is happy to support the initiative, adding that diaspora has spread worldwide, in addition to Switzerland and America.

Kushtrim Shermeti, chief cabinet in Ministry of Diaspora said that platform is very welcomed by the Ministry, adding that he is “glad that there are organizations like Germin with some young professionals who have started this.”

“It’s time for two-way conversation and it is the moment not only to wait and expect from diaspora to give to their homeland, but to start engaging about their related causes”, said Liza Gashi, director of programs at Germin.

This grant is supported by program Democratic Society Promotion (DSP) -financed by Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo (SCO-K) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (DANIDA) and managed by the Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF).