“Rrota” in New York City

By: Jack Kastrati    July 20, 2014

Albanian audiences everywhere are receiving a much needed comedy after decades of mournful or pensive films. Directed by Fisnik Muji, Rrota (Wheel) tells the story of Uka, who, when he is not repairing washing machines, sexually satisfies women all over the city. After Uka meets the love of his life, Sara, he decides to abandon his old habits. With the goal of getting her attention, Uka enrolls in the same university as she.

Rrota challenges and invigorates the standard style of Albanian cinematography. It features an everyday human experience in a humorous fashion. The Albanian Film Week in New York featured Rrota on its last day, at the Producers’ Club Theaters. It was received with laughter and positive feedback. It stood out for its creativity, theme, and distinguished humor. The production, which is very different from the mainstream American or Albanian ones, is very appealing to the Albanian and the foreign audience.  Rrota shows a new stream of creativity in the Kosovar Cinematography, moving away from the traditional style of writing, producing and even casting.


Jack Kastrati

Xhevat Kastrati is a senior student at the South-East Europe University in Tetovo, Macedonia. For his last years of studies he gained an exchange program scholarship to continue studying in Ljubljana, Slovenia. His bachelor studies are focused on Business and Economics. Nevertheless, Xhevat's interests and hobbies are much more widely spread. Having the chance to travel during the past years, Xhevat's interests in culture, art and social phenomena’s grew with time. Thus, in the future, Xhevat wants to continue to make his impacts in society by writing poetry, taking pictures or simply by talking to people. His past experiences also include different studies through seminars on human rights, ex-Balkan wars reconciliation processes, and managing conflicts through art.

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