Mark Gjonaj: Making History… Running for NY Assembly

By: Kosovo Diaspora    September 5, 2012

By: Ermira Babamusta, Ph.D., New York for Gazeta

Mark Gjonaj is the Bronx commissioner of the New York City Taxi &Limousine Commission, serving since 2011 and is potentially the first electedAlbanian-American official for the New York Assembly. It is crucial that allvoters, especially the Albanian-Americans registered in the 80thdistrict (Pelham Parkway, Pelham Gardens, Allerton and part of Bedford Park) comeout and vote on September 13th 2012 to decide this historic moment.

“I have a successful business; I don’t need this job. I got involvedbecause of what I saw as the inaction of our present elected officials and theunderutilized resources that we have in the Bronx. You get out of a communitywhat you put into it. I need the support of every Albanian-American voter onSeptember 13th, and this will be a significant achievement for our community,but this is about the entire 80th Assembly District. My only promise is to workas hard as the people of our district do every day, because that is what the peopleof this community deserve,” said Mark Gjonaj for Prishtina Press.

As the Democratic Primary is getting closer, it is important for the NYvoters to know what choices they have to represent their voices at the stateAssembly and make an educated vote. Incumbent Naomi Rivera is currently facing allegationsof corruption and use of taxpayer money for personal expenses. The othercandidates including Adam Bermudez and Irene Estrada-Rukaj are calling for thewithdrawal of Rivera from the political race. Mark Gjonaj’s victory in theelection would be a triumph for the Albanian-Americans living in Bronx.

The Gjonaj Plan is designed to increase opportunities for both young peoplefor higher education opportunities and elderly senior citizens, promoting theirneeds. His plan also promises to expand affordable housing incentive programsproviding stabilized rent and affordable housing. His commitment to protectingthe Medicaid and Medicare reveals his care and interest for advancing thehealth, safety and wellbeing of the local communities in New York.

Mr. Gjonaj is running this year with the promise to improve the economy inthe Bronx community, to help create and improve community education programsand intends to make health care available for all families.

“The support for Mark Gjonaj during the campaign has been extremelystrong, and it continues to build. His message of creating good jobs,supporting local businesses and keeping the neighborhood safe is resonating. Itis imperative that every one of Mark’s supporters come out to vote on September13th, as we believe it will be a very close race. Call your family and friendsand remind them because every vote will make a difference,” said EmmettHare, Campaign Manager. Mark Gjonaj has extended himself out of concern for the local community toprotect each resident living in the Bronxborough. As co-founder of the Albanian-American Community Association Mr. Gjonaj has organized several historical events for theAlbanian-American community, enriching the cultural diversity environment inNew York. As Bronx commissioner of the New York City Taxi &Limousine Commission Mark Gjonaj has established himself as an influentialleader regarding public safety concerns. The 80th district in NewYork can surely trust and depend on Mark Gjonaj to protect the people of thedistrict.


Source: Ermira Babamusta. Mark Gjonaj Making History: The Political Race for the NY Assembly. Sept 6, 2012.