Kosovo couple raises awareness about Autism

By: Kosovo Diaspora    October 8, 2013

As awareness about autism in our motherland increases  one step at a time, an Albanian couple living in the United States helps bring even more attention on this concerning mental condition.

Two days ago, Shpresa and Rexhe Xhakli held a garage sale for a special issue. Even though their step was rather petite and modest, it reached all the way to Kosova. This garage sale helped to raise the hopes of children affected with autism in our country, as all the money gained from the event will fund ‘Autizmi’, one of the few NGO’s dealing with this community.

On the other hand, the families of children with autism in our country often feel hopeless as they deal with financial problems as long as lack of information and rights ways of treatment for autism.

Nevertheless, the Xhakli couple wants to make a positive impact. Interviewed by lajmi.net, mrs. Xhakli explains that alongside with other reasons, this initiative is also a personal one for Shpresa and her family. “Our son Arben, who is now 24 years old, needed special care in development and education, since he also has autism. Thus, I want to offer a helping hand to other mothers who went to similar experiences, raising a child with autism.” – Shpresa explains.

Shpresa will be in Kosovo next week, where she will continue her impact while helping the NGO ‘Autizmi’ through an fundraising event that will be held in Hotel Emerald in Prishtina during the 12th of October, at 19:00 pm.

Mrs. Xhakli is planning to continue her cooperation with ‘Autizmi’ and other organizations that will be willing to help.

The “Autizmi” association plans to build four new schools in the future for children with autism. The buildings that will be located in four different cities, will be equipped with special inventory and also a trained staff that will give life to the required education for these children.

The original article was written by Drilon Gashi, posted at Lajmi.net. Click here to read the original article