Kosovo-born famous knight: breaking records in Scadinavia

By: Kosovo Diaspora    October 7, 2013

Lutfi “Ludde” Kolgjini also known as the famous knight and trainer within the sport of harness in Scandinavia. He recently broke a world record after wining Grand Prix de I’UET in Solvalla with his horse Face Mosaique. The same day, just one hour before he won Juggle Face, Prix Ovidius Naso on Vincennes. This results in a profit of 2.1 million kronors.

In 1948, the Kolgjini family moved from the communist Albania to Kosovo for a better future and it was there, in Kosovo, where Lutfi Kolgjini was born in 1948. In the swedish radioprogram “sommarpratarna” (summertalkers) on P1, Lutfi talks about how the Kolgjini family were great breeders of sheeps and donkeys in Albania. His father continued breeding  animals in Kosovo and it was then when as a 6-7 year old sheepherd Lutfi became an animal lover. Around 8 years old, his parents decided to move abroad to a country he never heard of.

In the radio show Lutfi continues to tell about growing up from a shepherd to one of the most famous knights Soch trainer within the sport harness in Europe, especially Scandinavia. At the age 16, he had already decided that he wanted to work with horses and that  one day he would buy his own. The passion for horses grew steady and Lurfi  spent all his free time reading about horses and how to train them.

While his family wanted him to become a doctor, Lutfi pursued his dream and bought his first horse. He went from a shepherd to a busboy, to finally owning one of the most successful company in Sweden, the Lutfi Kolgjini AB’ . This process demanded strong will and determination which he’s grown into. For those who understand Swedish, you can hear more about Lutfi Kogjini podcast, visit http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/116718?programid=2071

Lutfi has build a name through his years in Sweden. The swedish television channel made a documentary about him and Mr Kolgjini was also chosen as the coach of the year at the horsegala 2010. Not the least, one of the summer talkers on swedish radio P1. Through his work he brings attention to his background as a proud Albanian, wearing the eagle on front of his helmet. It is easy to understand that Kosovo will always have that special place in his heart.