Diaspora Investments Documentary

By: Kosovo Diaspora    July 2, 2014

This documentary on the impact of Diaspora investments in Kosovo includes interviews with the Minister of Diaspora of Kosovo, the Minister of MTI, the executive director of The American Chamber of Commerce, the Chief Executive Officer of IPAK, as well as five businesses that are flourishing in Kosovo’s market as a result of direct investments by the diaspora.

The 21 minute documentary highlights the role that the diaspora plays in Kosovo’s economy, and the potential that it has to facilitate its growth and development, furthermore, it shares insight into the challenges and opportunities that actual investing companies have faced throughout the years. Without a doubt, such investments bring about a lot more than money; they bring experience, knowledge and hope. Each business gives a glimpse into the unique story of the founder, how the idea started, and the personalized path to success and how other people could follow