First Albanian Children’s Primer in Austria

By: Valon Xoxa    August 27, 2013

The Kosovar Diaspora in Austria has taken a serious step at promoting its culture. The creation of a standardized primer, with the help of Austrian Education Ministry, the Kosovar Diaspora now has the foundation for a stable future. With the intent of avoiding assimilation and promoting multiculturalism, the Austrian government has proved to be a key factor within the educational and cultural promotion of its diverse communities. 

“Fibel A-B-C” is sponsored by the Austrian Ministry of Education, whereas E.Weber Verlag is well known for his educational publishing in Austria. 

The start of school, children of Albanian origin in Austria will experience with the first Albanian primer in Austria, published a couple of weeks ago. It is a historical year for the learning of Albanian language within the greater cooperation between the two cultures.  Austria has been historically supportive of the learning of the Albanian language and culture.

“Fibel A-B-C” by Hazir mehmeti, has been supported by the Austrian Ministry of Education, whereas the publishing was done by E.Weber Verlag, a well known publisher of educational material. The pupils will receive the primer on a need base by their instructors and it will be given free of charge, as other educational material.

The primer is updated to the current standards and very practical for the diaspora students. At the diaspora teachers seminar held in Ulqin (Aug 2013), the primer was well accepted and complimented. Teachers were eager to have the primer for their students and have made their initial orders. The structure of the primer allows creativity for the student and encourages modern learning techniques.

Professor Dr. Musa Kraja, a pedagogue, within the pedagogy Institute of Tirana, concerning the primer, among other things said “the renaissance movement created and printed many primers. It is a rare occasion when the teacher is directly involved within the creation of a primer. This will be a part of my greater project involvement on the creation of learning material”.

The new primer will be useful at learning the basics. The rest of the material will be mainly focused at exercises. Parents could also purchase the primer if their kids are not learning the language at school.

The teachers in diaspora now have an additional tool that could ease the process of learning and teaching the  diaspora children. Compared to primers of Turkey and Croatia, this primer has pedagogic and methodological elements that fit the current educational trends.

The publishing of this primer was welcomed by the Kosovar Ministry of Education   and the Ministry of Diaspora.  Teachers in Austria, interested for the primer have already made their order for the school year 2013/14.

The original article was posted at the Albinfo webpage. Click here to read the original article.

Valon Xoxa

Valon Xoxa is a staff member of He holds a bachelor degree from Westminster College (MO) in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology. Currently resides in Prishtina, and is a freelance contributor and editor at With an interest in contemporary culture, he seeks to find and incorporate articles from the Kosovar Diaspora that would shed light upon the interesting characteristics of this important global community. He has published a research article through UNDP’s School on Human Development titled “Mobility and Public Participation: A Case Study of the Kosovar Diaspora”, where a rather interesting Andersonian perspective is taken at understanding the Internet as a national identity creation medium.

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