Kosovo musical “Arjeta & Gëzimi” in Switzerland

By: Kosovo Diaspora    October 23, 2013

“Arjeta & Gëzimi” is a story about two young people in love, whose life journeys have just begun to sprout roots. Confronting the past and the dangerous present, the story of the musical becomes a dangerous adventure and full of difficult times.

The musical was written by Ilir Gjocaj, musically organized by Trimor Dhomi, and directed by Swiss-born Geor Darvans. “Arjeta & Gëzimi” will go on five-stop tour in Switzerland with its crew of students and choir members from Gjakova’s gymnasium “PrenJakova.”

The decision to tour in Switzerland was made following the vast success the performance has recently seen in Kosovo. It will be featured also as part of the project Cultural Spaces, a Swiss cultural festival focusing on the Balkans.

“Everything is settled. The visas of the pupils are ready, and we are waiting to see them sparkle in the Basel and Zurich theatres,” said one of the producers, Greg Fankhauser, for Albinfo reporters.

The main actors of the musical are: Edonjeta Hajdari (Arjeta), Vali Kuqi (Gëzimi), Ylber Bardhi (Shaqiri).

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