Study: “Public Diplomacy of Kosovo – Status Quo, Challenges, and Options”

By: Kosovo Diaspora    July 13, 2012

As Europe’s youngest country with controversial beginnings still fresh in everyone’s minds, Kosovo faces unique challenges in influencing more governments and people to recognize their statehood today.
This study outlines the current problems with Kosovo’s image and what can be done through public diplomacy. The study suggests various initiatives involving, not just the Kosovar government, but also the people, private corporations and diasporas.
“Public diplomacy is a continual process and should be treated as such. Kosovo cannot afford to end its efforts with the “Kosovo — The Young Europeans” campaign. As a small country, it needs constant, innovative and inclusive efforts to reach out to different audiences around the world.”
Read: Martin Waehlisch and Behar Xharra, Public Diplomacy of Kosovo: Status Quo, Challenges, and Options, Friedrich Ebert Foundation Pristina Office, Sept. 2010, available at 

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