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Collaborating during the wargame design often requiring physically traveling to planning sessions. Subpar visualization fidelity is also the norm for gaming tools, making it difficult for planners to visualize the OE drawn on a 2D map into a 3D world. Advanced Operational Environment is a simplified end-to-end service delivery solution that enables streamlined workflow for high scalability, proactive network monitoring for SLA compliance, and solid decision support logic for operational efficiency.

China’s main areas of focus have been in developing anti-access and area denial capabilities, naval forces, ballistic missiles, and a formidable proficiency in cyber and space operations. These programs were more than simple menu systems—as alternate operating environments they were substitutes for integrated programs such as Framework and Symphony, that allowed switching, windowing, and cut-and-paste operations among dedicated applications. These operating environment systems gave users much of the convenience of integrated software without locking them into a single package.

How the Operational Environment Works

They ruthlessly intimidate or eliminate their rivals, and even directly challenge governments, as we have seen in Mexico, or previously in Colombia. Further, they may often hide and operate within an underdeveloped, or under-governed locale, or even within a failing or failed state, and often within complex urban environments. When we discuss the operational environment, all factors tie in to each other in some way.

It transforms the traditional operating environment from equipment configuration and provisioning to a service-oriented approach and automates hardware tasks, eliminating customer service representative training and the need for equipment knowledge. Businesses that know their operational environment will be revealed certain strengths and weaknesses about their operation. For example, a shipping company that knows its services require a robust infrastructure so it will close attention to its internal, such as warehouse distribution, and external infrastructure, such as the use of trucking on highways. Operational environment in business analyzes the factors of their setting to understand how their operations will be affected. This is particularly true in a competitive setting where the factors of an operational environment will determine an organization’s success in their operations. While it is a composite of the conditions, circumstances, and influences that affect the employment of capabilities and the decisions of a commander, any one fundamental change will change the entire operational environment.

Implementing Hums In The Military Operational Environment

Think of these countries as friendly ones who want the military there to protect their citizens or work with their military. An operational environment is the analysis of how factors within a setting can affect an organization’s conduct. There are three physical environments that military forces operate in—permissive, uncertain, and hostile.

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This is a simplistic example, but imagine that Troop B will invade Country A. By using PMESII-PT, the people planning this invasion operation will know the country’s climate, terrain, political environment, religious https://globalcloudteam.com/ and cultural leanings, etc. All aspects of Country A will be reviewed to make the invasion by Troop B successful. Modern militaries rely on cyberspace for information exchange and situation building.

Realizing a Live Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment

The INFORMATION variable analyzes the nature, extent, effects, and characteristics of individuals, organizations, and other systems that gather, distribute, process, or adhere to information. Then assess how they collect, process, disseminate, or act on information. The subject of analysis in this paper will be the CEQA Project named Murai Specific Plan Project. It has been applied for by ColRich, a San Diego based home developer (“Generations”), to its lead agency, the City of San Marcos. First, I will give a description of the location of the project followed by a description of the proposed project.

what is operational environment

Iran and North Korea have all sorts of intentions, but their capabilities are rather limited, beyond getting a sucker punch in. The “correlation of forces” seem to be returning the strategic bomber back to the position of “first among equals”, due to stealth and the need for range and capacity in conducting precision-strike. The B-21, traveling from Whiteman AFB, should be able to strike targets in China or North Korea 7 hours more quickly than a CSG sailing from Guam. A Bomb Wing of 10 B-21s (50% readiness) should also be able to deliver 4 times more ordnance on target than a Carrier Air Wing of 42 F-35Bs. Given the true advent of BVR AA combat, there is no reason why a B-21 would require a fighter escort , and in fact the F-35 is intended to rely upon taking control of smart weapons launched from other platforms, such as strategic bombers.

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It’s subject to many variables, and they often change independently of each other, which creates a fluid atmosphere. The operational environment is the land, sea, air, space, and cyber networks where the military operates. All relationships and dependencies relevant to an operation are also part of the OE.

  • It transforms the traditional operating environment from equipment configuration and provisioning to a service-oriented approach and automates hardware tasks, eliminating customer service representative training and the need for equipment knowledge.
  • An ideal solution will enable leaders, without the aid of simulation experts, to plan and execute mission requirements from cradle to grave.
  • The B-21, traveling from Whiteman AFB, should be able to strike targets in China or North Korea 7 hours more quickly than a CSG sailing from Guam.
  • Such a contest will be increasingly lethal in terms of precision, range of engagement, and destructive power – both focused and widespread.
  • This article describes how such a novel and holistic approach would support the warfighter and offer adaptive and always up-to-date COA planning.

This sequential flow helps to create focused information products like the modified combined obstacles overlay, situation template, and decision support templates. Key information like Named Areas of Interest and High-Value what is operational environment Target lists are used during the execution of the operation to confirm courses of action and contribute to running estimates. Analyzing the elements of PMESII means to identify several entities for each dimension.

Operational Environment

Visualization and simulation tools provide valuable learning environments to train commanders, staff and company leadership to adapt and take initiative in a variety of operational environments . By creating new ways to visualize, simulate and interact with large sets of data, OE Flex® is helping prepare soldiers and first responders for modern challenges. OE Flex® is a collaborative visualization and learning environment built to both facilitate and assess the human processes that drive a decision making and enable analysis and comparison of leader actions. The most capable of the non-state actors today and through the mid-term will be ideologically-driven international terrorist organizations, such as ISIS, al-Qa’ida, or Lebanese Hizballah, who are capable of targeting US interests at home and abroad. A separate category of non-state actor, international criminal syndicates, create further complications, as their capabilities and interests span international boundaries.

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Knowing which groups are working together and which are unstable can obviously lead to the success or failure of a mission. The OE is not necessarily an entire country; it can be just a very small region. Even in smaller spaces, knowing the political structure and influences is very important. This is treated very much like a hostile environment and, for the most part, is considered hostile. The only difference is that the host country still has some control, albeit limited. Let’s dive deeper into the military and the civilian meanings behind an Operational Environment and then review its importance.

Capacity and inventory management

Each phase in the cycle has information products that inform the next phase in the cycle and can also be used as decision-making inputs. Once this is done, you can thus define your data model and the sources you need to monitor. If one looks at international standards on this data model—for instance, the features listed in STANAG 2592—it is clear that the AI technology available today won’t be able to process and monitor all those. Nonetheless, a significant number—one could say the critical ones—could be achieved. Figure 2 shows a few examples of data sources that could be monitored thanks to AI. In 1811, Herr von Reisswitz of Berlin received royal patronage for his newly invented wargame.