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By: Kosovo Diaspora    August 12, 2015

The Massachusetts Albanian American Society (MAASBESA) and the Albanian American Women’s Organization – Motrat Qiriazi (AAWO) announced their partnership to develop the Global Albanians Foundation (GAF) financed by Albanians living abroad and others who wish to support not-for-profit organizations in Albania, Kosova, Macedonia, and Montenegro.

According to the organizers, the not for profit sector receives less and less support from the international donor community as the countries in Southeastern Europe develop. However, there is still a great need for financial and professional support in the not-for-profit sector so that pressing social and economic development needs can be addressed in the future in a sustainable manner. Without the support of Albanians living abroad, it will be very difficult to meet the needs of the not-for -profit sector and civil society in Albania, Kosova, Macedonia, and Montenegro.

They propose that creating a Foundation that initially focuses on giving small grants targeting many different not-for-profit organizations throughout the countries in Southeastern Europe where Albanians live is the best way to reach and assist a wide and diverse group of people and organizations.

Work Program: The work will be carried out in three phases over several years with only Phase 1 below being considered for financing at this time. Phases 2-3 are presented here to give an idea as to a possible long-term vision.

Phase 1: August 2015-December 2015 — $10,000 for 10 grants of $1000 each

Phase 2: January 2016-December 2017 – same as phase 1 on larger scale

Phase 3: January 2018 and Beyond – Create Global Albanians Foundation

During Phases 2 and 3, larger grants than $1,000 would be considered, of course, depending on the amount of money raised. In addition, they would seek grants and financing from private and corporate foundations, Albanian and non-Albanian private individuals and businesses, and other organizations that might want to use the GAF as a conduit for philanthropic and charitable activities in Southeastern Europe.

A Board of Directors consisting of five people will oversee the work. The Board of Directors will initially include two active members from each of our organizations plus one other person from outside of our two organizations.

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