A promising legal scholar: Fisnik Korenica contributes to political and constitutional processes in Kosovo

By: Kosovo Diaspora    October 30, 2012

Fisnik Korenica is a rising young scholar on the field of legal and political sciences in Kosovo. Born in Gjakova, Fisnik has successfully completed his bachelor studies in law at the University of Prishtina. He completed his masters degree in European Politics at the University of Sussex in the UK. Currently, Fisnik is reading for a PhD in International Law at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium. Fisnik lectures at the Faculty of Law at the Univeristy of Prishtina, serves as a Senior Research Fellow with the Group for Legal and Political Studies, a think tank based in Prishtina, and is also engaged as a Research Fellow with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Fisnik has contributed to the overall academic debate on constitutional and institutional design of states under international transition administrations, whereby offering several arguments on the implications that rise from poorly devised international institutional regimes. Giving a more specific contribution on this issue applied upon the case of Kosovo, Fisnik used many of the Ahtisaari Settlement Proposal benchmarks to conclude that, structurally speaking, the model of consociational system of governance built by it elegantly escape from the very institutional repercussions experienced with the Dayton Peace Agreement and the subsequent constitutional regime of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Besides the solid contribution on this topic from a political science perspective, Fisnik has also contributed on the issue of the relationship between fairly autonomous international legal regimes, thereby offering arguments in favour of a more fragmented and pluralist system of international law. Building upon many hypothetical situations, Fisnik argues that the crisis of legitimacy in international law could fairly well be resolved by more developed and pragmatic mechanisms that counterbalance the very consensual nature of public international law.

Besides engaging with numerous international academic and institutional stakeholders to help Kosovo’s scholars penetrate more in-depth into international academic environments, Fisnik also has teamed up with several international scholars to increase the research on Kosovo and its visibility in global academic gateways.

Fisnik has recently co-authored a book, and has published over 15 articles in prestigious peer-reviewed academic journals.
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