Women of diaspora celebrate 8th of March

By: Valon Xoxa    March 11, 2014

It has become an annual tradition. Women of diaspora take on the various events organized by the restaurants and clubs to celebrate International Women’s Day and review their current position and discuss. Such events usually gather a lot of attention due to the vast number of singers that perform, however it goes without saying that women of diaspora are eager to meet up in such events to understand their daily challenges and seek ways to better the community they live in.

From the women interviewed by Albinfo.ch, it was clear that they do have a lot to tell. “Women rights in our culture are still far from what they should be. Compared to the Swiss, we are almost incomparable, Swiss women have equal rights as men, whereas with us it is different. We still need to work hard to progress and move forward” is what Mrs.Markaj responded.

One particularly interesting response was given by Mrs. Zajdini. She claims that an important aspect that should be considered with women rights in our culture is the surrounding. “I think that women in my birthplace (Tetova) are far less equal to men compared to Albanians living in Switzerland. I wouldn’t be as free as I feel myself to be here, if I had been living back in Tetova. It is true, we are still Albanians, however it goes without saying that the surrounding would indeed impact the way we behave toward one and other. ”

This day marks the importance of women in our society. Their contribute as mothers and sisters or the many professional careers they take. It is important for this continuous dialogue to occur between the women of Diaspora, it does explore additional areas of the community culture and its impact back to the birthplace or origin.

The original article was posted at Albinfo.ch Click here to read the original article.

Valon Xoxa

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