Two Kosovars Feature in German Movie

Two Kosovars Feature in German Movie

By: Valon Xoxa    January 29, 2014

Bekim Guri and Kasem Hoxha are featured in the recent movie premier of “Nicht Mein Tag” throughout German movie theaters. “Nicht Mein Tag” or “Not My Day” has certainly made Kasem Hoxha’s day better when he realized that the character he was asked to play was by the name of Sokol, an Albanian in Germany, thus he had felt an instant connection with the character. “While reading the script, I found myself many times finding similar thought patterns with Sokol. (An unlikely match up, Sokol is a fictional character meant to portray a gangster with rather good traits such as courage and honesty.) He (Sokol) is a man of “Besa”, he keeps his word. However, through his hardships, Sokol is pushed into changing himself to respond unfair treatment” claims Mr. Hoxha for Deutsche Welle

“Acting Sokol, fortunately, came around very naturally. Sokol is not your typical gangster, his personality carries both sides of the coin, the good and the bad.” continues Hoxha.

Such collaborations with high caliber producers are essential to an actors career and thus, Kasem Hoxha is greatly appreciative of the opportunity to collaborate with Peter Torwarth and Axel Stein. Hoxha claims that the natural improvisations throughout the shoot have brought him closer to the cast and the character of Sokol as well.

Another upcoming gem that is expected to explore the Albanian diaspora in Germany is the movie “Golden” by the producer Bujar Alimani, where Kasem Hoxha will also star as a leading actor.

Such movies are essential at giving an insight within the diaspora community living abroad where often taboo topics and clash of ideals are brought into play to further enhance the discourse of identity creation and cultural assimilation.

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