Qëndresa Krasniqi

By: admin    March 20, 2015

is a recent graduate of Financial Economics from Methodist University in North Carolina, USA. She currently works as a Business Analyst in New York City. She is a United World College graduate and she aspires to work for the UWC cause of reaching world peace through transformative education. Qëndresa, as a founding member and activist of the UWC National Committee in Kosovo, aspires to work for educational reforms in Kosovo. Ultimately, Qëndresa strives to get involved in the non for profit sector through working in developing and less developed countries to fight poverty through business incentives to effect long-term social change. Qëndresa has built a background of working in the private sector during her experience at Deloitte and Metlife Inc. She has also worked for the European Commission in Kosovo on bringing reforms to the tax legislation. Qëndresa is a part of several non for profit organizations: Steps for Equal Education (India), Rotaract Club, Rotary International, etc.


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