Liridona Osmanaj

By: admin    March 20, 2015

Liridona Osmanaj holds a High Honors B.A Degree in International Studies and Political Science, and minor in Spanish from Westminster College, MO.  She also studied for a semester at the University of Winchester in UK. She recently returned from the US with the strong determination to assist in the efforts of making Kosovo a nation where equity and prosperity reign. She is the Co-Founder of Prosperity Initiative in Kosovo (PIKS), a youth led NGO; where she’s co- implementing the Lokalizo project – which empowers the youth to participate in the municipal decision-making through the use of a mapping platform to report urban problems– thus creating a more participatory governance at the local level. Moreover, she is a contributing writer for Kosovo Diaspora, an online crowdsourcing platform which aims to connect Kosovo to the world.


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