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The whole point of these digital currencies is to make transactions quick, easy and without… ZCash is a cryptocurrency which aims at creating a secure and private way of transferring digital funds, in the form of ZEC. The world’s second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, has allowed for the creation of Smart Contracts, with several other AltCoins following suit. While you might hear terms like Smart Contracts, cryptocurrencies and…


With so many currencies around, what makes Dash stand out from the rest of the competition? So maybe doing your grocery shopping through BitCoin might seem like a distant, and unlikely, dream, there are several things cryptocurrencies can be used for right now! If we were to scratch at the surface, we’d find that Blockchain has inspired some of the latest high-tech innovations, from the financial sector to the legal aspect and everything… Buy and sell items with community members for Steam Wallet funds.

RCoin Deck Ultra Red (DVD and Gimmicks) by Rob Bromley

While how to buy polymath poly has seen an explosive growth in recent years, most notably with regards to blockchain technology, our approach to money is archaic by comparison. Refugees receive R-Coins for completed hours of community service. To ensure the viability of the Refugee Token network, we are collaborating with field partners. The designated of the community tasks is set upon in consultation with Field Partners.

  • There is a maximum supply of 40,000,000 $RCOIN ERC-20 / BEP-20 tokens .
  • So maybe doing your grocery shopping through BitCoin might seem like a distant, and unlikely, dream, there are several things cryptocurrencies can be used for right now!
  • The lack of a formal legal and administrative framework means that Rohingya and other refugees and asylum seekers cannot legally work and have limited access to public services.
  • Over the last day, Rcoin has had 0% transparent volume and has been trading on 4 active markets with its highest volume trading pairs being .
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Connecting wallet for read function is optional, useful if you want to call certain functions or simply use your wallet’s node. To confirm and enable the “Read as Proxy” & “Write as Proxy” tabs. The RastaSwap Business Growth Program was designed to accelerate growth and opportunities for cannabis projects exhibiting great potential.

RCN Market Information

At the closing ceremony, the participants redeemed their R-Coin for different rewards, including Starbucks gift cards (10 R-Coins), ATM Cards with insurance (20 R-Coins) and health service packages (40 R-Coins). The ATM cards offer mobile finance services as most refugees are unable to open bank account locally. The Rohingya Project conducted the R-Coin pilot with 35 refugee participants, including Rohingya, Afghan, Somali, Myanmar Muslim, Palestinian and Yemeni refugees.

The precious training hours that refugees undergo in various training centers in Kuala Lumpur can be added to the refugee profile. It will also provide a new and viable avenue for humanitarian aid providers to link their charitable contributions to positive contributions on the ground from refugees. This integration of refugee within the host country social framework is a long term goal. A list of the top Rcoin markets across all crypto exchanges based on the highest 24h trading volume, with their current price.


The lack of a formal legal and administrative framework means that Rohingya and other refugees and asylum seekers cannot legally work and have limited access to public services. In remains a challenger to sustain themselves with sufficient economic resources to be able to pay for essential expenses. Language barriers and cultural norms, often make it difficult for women to participate in activities outside of the home. As a result, they are disconnected and unable to become self-reliant. Refugee youth lack access to education and professional development opportunities resulting in participation in un-safe jobs and activities.

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The Rohingya Project Social Crypto Token (R-Coin) is to function as a social incentive device. The objective of the token is increase the social volunteering spirit among Rohingya, especially youth, and encourage integration within the local host country based on meritorious activities which can be documented. Here is it as well as other useful data about this kind of cryptocurrency. At TheBitTimes.Com, we collect and provide any valuable content on it such as 1 RCOIN to USD so that you could make a favorable investment and have a positive result. An overview showing the statistics of Rcoin, such as the base and quote currency, the rank, and trading volume. Please also note that data relating to the above-mentioned cryptocurrency presented here are based on third party sources.


Refugees who do undergo skills-based training often lack a mechanism to track their skill development and are presented to employers as blank slates. ArCoin, a tokenized share of the Arca US Treasury Fund is the first in a series of blockchain-based registered ’40 Act products that invites the industry to reimagine the traditional financial ecosystem. RastaSwap was created to merge traditional markets and cryptocurrencies. We aim to be the first Cannabis Crypto Ecosystem offering a user-friendly platform that facilitates investments in cannabis related companies and products worldwide. Bitcoin aims to be a digital gold if you will, that will eventually become a globally adopted currency which could replace or be an option to people to the conventional money.

Our money converter uses the average data from International Currency Rates. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. This chart allows to forecast the RcoinChain RCOIN price change according to the number of people searching for it in Google. With such a wide array of cryptocurrencies, things can get very confusing. Think of BitCoin Cash, as BitCoin Plus, a new and improved version of BitCoin. Cryptocurrencies, by and large, all aim to eventually replace conventional fiat money.

Cartesi launches a community-driven program funding developers to help build and expand the Cartesi ecosystem. RCOIN. If you are looking to buy or sell RCOIN, PancakeSwap is currently the most active exchange. The total dollar value of all transactions for this asset over the past 24 hours. The percentage of Binance customers who increased or decreased their net position in BTC over the past 24 hours through trading.

Astonishing Use Cases for Blockchain in 2019

Bitcoin, as well as several other cryptocurrencies, adopt this latter model. Every time a Bitcoin is mined, it creates a new “block” which is added to the Blockchain, a string… Litecoin is probably one of the lesser known cryptocurrencies, it also happens to be notoriously underrated. It functions on the same Blockchain technology as its bigger cousins, such as BitCoin,…

The crowd platform will enable cannabis companies at any stage of development the ability to apply for receipt of funds to initiate, or further expand business operations. There is no recent price data for this coin, because we don’t see trading activity currently. Circulating supply shows the number of coins or tokens that have been issued so far.

Matcha.xyz needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Share alike – If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same or compatible license as the original. IOTA refers to itself as “A permissionless distributed ledger for a new economy.” It is a 3rd generation cryptocurrency with a particular focus on system speed and scalability. For the past decade we have become increasingly concerned with our own privacy. Monero is one of the most secure and private cryptocurrencies out there…

The overall goal of the R-Coin is to tap into this unrecognized community service and skills of refugees through creating a digital reward system that can eventually form the basis for formalizing the informal. A token is a representation of an on-chain or off-chain asset. The token page shows information such as price, total supply, holders, transfers and social links. Our primary goal is to provide a secure funding platform to help cannabis companies and startups fundraise by tokenizing their assets, meanwhile, establishing ourselves as the main market for cannabis tokenized assets worldwide. RCoin is a decentralized financial payment network that rebuilds the traditional payment stack on the blockchain.

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