Presheva artist shows he’s switched on by creating miniature worlds inside lightbulbs

By: Kosovo Diaspora    August 29, 2012

Light imitating art: Albanian artist shows he’s switched on by creating miniature worlds inside lightbulbs

  • Adrian Limani, 21, combines two or sometimes three photographs to create the same effect as ships in a bottle

Now that’s a really bright idea – an Albanian artist is creating his own miniature world and he’s capturing it inside light bulbs.

Adrian Limani, 21, from Presevo, Serbia has produced a series of innovative photographs which he believes give the same effect as ships in a bottle.

Adrian, who is now based in Serbia, has even put the Eiffel Tower and the leaning tower of Pisa in one of the light bulbs while another image shows a tree inside a light bulb and two birds scrapping in mid-air.

Adrian said: ‘I just took some shots of light bulbs, without any effects, just straight shots with the camera.

‘Then I suddenly discovered that I really liked that kind of form. I will continue with the bulb ideas because I like being unique.

‘To make a really great image it’s not easy, because you need to have a lot of ideas, a lot of imagination and it’s better to be an unique style of work that you share.

‘My ideas or inspiration usually came from the music, movies, books, and the situation that I live every day.

‘I’m really happy when I heard people liking my photos and work. I always try to be original.

To create the images Adrian combines two or three photographs.

He said: ‘Always when I finish one of my works, I do two or three different versions of colours and I choose which one is better.

‘When I have free time I go out and takes a lot of shots, in different places on different views, so after that I have a little bit more material to make something really good.

‘I’m a self-taught photographer and I began to do serious photography when I was 17 years old and it was a great feeling.

‘My passion for photography started by browsing and navigating the internet.

‘People say to me ‘just continue what you’ve started because you do great work’ and I really try to do my best.’

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