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By: Flaka Ismaili    October 2, 2023

All the Alvexo’s platforms and accounts offer their customers
encrypted, user-friendly trading activities, and data security. The prime account requires 50,000 USD at least and spreads start from 1.8 pips and the minimum lot size is set to 0.1. Alvexo Plus access is free for 120 days and margin calls can be sent via SMS and email. The spreads, as we can see, are relatively high compared to the industry-standard 1 pip and it requires above 50,000 USD to activate the 0.1 pip spreads which is a huge investment. Because of how many other brokers offer lower spreads for much lower initial deposits, Alvexo is not attractive in this department. Especially for scalpers who rely on tight spreads and low commissions.

Commodities like wheat, livestock and gold are traded through contracts that give the two parties involved the right to buy or sell the commodity. Futures contracts can be created to sell or buy a commodity at a certain price in the future, without the explicit exchange of goods. In traditional financial trading, the trading pit is the location on the exchange floor where open-outcry trading takes place. This is where traders bid using shouts and hand signals to communicate. The total value of a company’s traded shares (share price multiplied by total number of shares issued).

We encourage you to comment on our Alvexo review and call out any of your own experiences. Our aim is to help other traders make considered decisions when investing. It’s a term that represents the decentralized market for foreign currency trading. Also termed ‘FX’, investors in the forex market trade currency pairs like USDJPY, with the value of the pair determined by the exchange rate between the US Dollar and Japanse Yen, in this case.

  1. Position is opened (the trade is initiated), then closed (the trade is concluded).
  2. Investment brokers buy assets from clients who wish to close their positions, and sell the same assets to those who want to buy.
  3. Another area where fees need to be monitored is that of funding transfers.
  4. Only Forex, commodity, index, and cryptocurrency CFDs are granted in this account type.
  5. In technical analysis, support lines on a price chart indicate the level that the price of an instrument has difficulty falling below.
  6. Unlike most top forex brokers present in the market, Alvexo has a notable Account Generator feature that helps users to decide what account type they wish to own.

When it comes to trading indices, the traders
can select from 7 world-known options, which are a highly popular option to
stocks trading. Trading on Forex involves investing in most liquid markets
across the world. Traders are offered more than 60 currency pairs along with 4
top cryptos. Alvexo offers five distinct account types, all of which has less-than-ideal trading conditions. The Classic account requires a minimum deposit of €500 and spreads start from 3.3 pips.

Market Instruments by Alvexo

Alvexo customer support or compliance department can be easily accessed through their live chat function, which can be found right at the bottom of the screen. The official website also provides its customers with contact numbers of the different offices in the United Kingdom (UK), France, Romania, Spain, South Africa, Italy, and Sweden. According to this Alvexo review and other forex broker reviews, there is still sufficient room for the broker company to improve its research and academic atmosphere and make it less marketing-focused. Some essential documentation is required to prove the identity of the new user, which is a regular KYC ID check-up.

Unfortunately, there are no advanced trading platforms available at this moment and spreads are also a bit high. According to this Alvexo broker review, the Alvexo platform is a Cyprian investment firm. Alvexo has one of the best beginner-friendly user interfaces across all platforms. Unlike most top forex brokers present in the market, Alvexo has a notable Account Generator feature that helps users to decide what account type they wish to own. It asks them to enter certain data such as risk tolerance, investment style, experience level, skill set, and investment goals.

Fees & commissions review of Alvexo

Alvexo is relatively new in the forex game but has made a name for being an up-and-coming trading partner in the fast-moving world of international finances. Accordingly, the team of seasoned experts noted that user satisfaction with the broker stands at 3.72, a reflection of the genuine concerns and challenges experienced by Alvexo clients. An order used to minimize losses if the value of a security starts moving in a position opposed to the desired – resulting in the position losing value.

A market is considered to be liquid if it displays many bids and offers coupled with low spreads and volatility – thereby facilitating trade. Forex is considered the most liquid market of all, with deals related to U.S. dollars being most prominent – it being the most liquid currency. A transaction that is immediately executed based on the asset value currently quoted in the platform. Hedging may be undertaken through a variety of financial instruments (stocks, ETFs, forwards, swaps, options and other derivatives). An analysis form based on identifying the intrinsic value of an asset.

It has a rich research department with adequate educational materials, hosts various annual events, and offers clients the leading MetaTrader 4 trading platform in addition to its proprietary WebTrade. The education Alvexo offers is another highlighted feature since it aims to obtain long-term customer satisfaction through forex and CFD trading. Market updates consist of market trends published once per week, a daily analysis, and a weekly report. The content remains brief but is on topic, the presentation is clean, and the outcome is acceptable. Trading signals are provided free of charge and advertised with an accuracy rate of 82%. One could suggest that if more of Alvexo’s traders used the brokerage’s trading signals, their overall client loss rate wouldn’t be sitting at 79 percent.

1979; created initially in 1882 as the Coffee Exchange, the CSCE traded electronically in soft commodities – those grown rather than mined – before being acquired by the New York Board of Trade in 1998. A system of evaluating and assessing brokers, usually based on client input and performance. An instruction to a broker to fill a transaction at or above/below a specific price.

Short Position:

This is different from fundamental analysis, as the latter tries to find an actual intrinsic value for an asset using inside data like corporate debt, rather than data generated by market activity. Technical analysis includes looking at graphs of prices and other indicators and identifying patterns (such as the head and shoulders pattern) to attempt to forecast future price moves. Volatility is an indication of investment risk, denoting uncertainty in an asset’s future price typically expressed in percentage form. In technical analysis, support lines on a price chart indicate the level that the price of an instrument has difficulty falling below. Support (and resistance) lines may indicate future price levels of importance, especially in the case of prices crossing them.

How are commodities traded?

The ECN Gold account does not offer equity CFDs trading, and the minimum lot size is increased from 0.01 to 0.05 lots. Apart from the demo account Alvexo offers, there are the popular Classic, Gold, Prime, and Elite accounts among the five types of accounts. The Classic accounts offer wider spreads starting from 3.3 pips, whereas the Elite account offers tighter spreads at 01. All the accounts offer forex, index, commodity, and crypto trading with an additional financial instrument or asset available for Prime and Elite account holders, and that is bonds. Since then, this broker claims to have over 650,000 registrations, a rather impressive accomplishment, but one that we could not verify during this Alvexo review.

Alvexo also offers referral bonuses that allow current traders to earn great rewards by referring a friend or relative to the broker. Another popular award-winning trading platform offered by Alvexo is the Web Trader platform which requires no downloading. It is a web platform with a stable internet connection on every smart device. It has a clean and attractive layout and advanced tools to help traders respond instantly to market conditions.

Identifying, assessing and prioritizing risks in order to maximize the potential benefits or gains of an investment and minimize potential damage or loss. Hedge fund managers will typically offset riskier investments with low-risk instruments or assets with matching derivatives. In technical analysis, resistance lines on a price chart indicate the level that the price of an instrument will have difficulty rising above.

You can put up anything you deem necessary up there, which can invariably improve your trading prowess. If you still lack confidence in trading for real, then you can opt to utilize the demo account. It provides novice users’ access to the necessary trading tools, but not all of them. You have to complete the second stage of the registration process so that you can use the full range of trading tools.

According to TU experts, another key strength of the company is its wide range of trading instruments, which includes the MetaTrader 4 platform and its proprietary Alvexo WebTrader. Nevertheless, the broker excels in education, earning a rating of 6.91, indicating a strong focus on providing resources and training for traders of all levels. On the negative side, brand popularity and customer alvexo broker support, with scores of 3.35 and 6.10, respectively, raise concerns about Alvexo’s reputation and customer service quality. A position that becomes profitable if the market price of an asset falls. If the bid price reaches the defined value, a short position is placed. Realized gains and losses can be used in accountancy as an offset tool in calculating taxes owed on income.