New York Special Premiere: On the Red Carpet with Klement Tinaj

By: admin    May 19, 2015

By Ermira Babamusta 

An evening with Klement Tinaj opened in New York City, where actor, director and producer Klement Tinaj premiered his latest four short films. The red carpet film premiers with “Helping Hand”, “There Is a Night”, “Escaping The Gang Life”, and “Last Chance” gave a glimpse into the art of film of rising star Klement Tinaj. The special NYC premiere took place on April 12, 2015 at Producers Club Theater, a favorite locale in the heart of the Theatre District, steps away from Times Square. Actor Praq Rado, Klement Tinaj and John Blenn (actor, writer, director and producer) arrived on the red carpet and posed for the photographers after watching the films.

Klement Tinaj and Lin Zhao

“I think all four movies that premiered at Producers Club were written, performed and directed very well. You can see Klement Tinaj surprise the audience with the different film genres in each movie. Great acting as well! Klement has a great future in the movie business and I wish him all the best,” said Praq Rado, lead actor of “Dreaming American” and host of the New York premiere.

“Facebook needs a “Love” button right next to the “Like” button, because there was a lot of love in the room for my friend Klement Tinaj that night. All I have to say is that the BEST IS YET TO COME! I am so happy and filled up with energy now from the NYC people that IDK what I am going to do after the show,” said Antonio Pertuz, martial artist, artistic designer, and owner of Latination Designs Studio.

Klement Tinaj has created some of the most incredible character portrayals in cinema and theatre history. Starring in over twenty films that include big Hollywood productions  such as “Fast & Furious” starring Paul Walker and Van Diesel, “The Second Coming of Christ” directed by Daniel Anghelcev, and “4Got10” starring Dolph Lundgren and Danny Trejo.

The special NY film premiere aired “Helping Hand” (2015), a great film with a powerful story, directed by Lin Zhao, written by George Mcgrath and Klement Tinaj. The short drama tells the story of how a homeless woman inspires a hard-hearted man to help others. The film is produced by Alice Lee, cinematography by Hertz Zhang, with music by Jaden Hwang, starring Klement Tinaj, Melissa Carvajal, Kayla Eva, Tariq Issa, Edgar Roche, Roman Xing, etc.

Twenty Days

The writer and the star of “Helping Hand”, Klement Tinaj says his inspiration for the script came from a heartbreaking story he witnessed:  “The film is about love vs. power. While I was giving out food and drinks to homeless for my foundation in Downtown Los Angeles, I saw a rich guy pulling up with a luxury car in front of his store; he passed by the homeless person who was begging him for a dollar and he slams the store door on him. That was heartbreaking. After talking with a few homeless people, listening to their stories how they get treated, I went home and I wrote Helping Hand. It’s a heartbreaking story. I wanted to make a compelling film to show people how the homeless are mistreated in society today and how love can make the difference. That’s the beauty of art.”

“Escaping the Gang Life” (2014) is an action film written and directed by Klement Tinaj, produced by Dave Leon, Leandro Simozza, and Roman Xing, with cinematography by Aloaye Melvin Omoake. The short has great action sequence featuring Klement Tinaj, Kayla Eva, Dave Leon, Selena O’Sullivan, Adam Ohl, Laura Ollikainen, Kathleen Roy, Leandro Simmozza, Vakhtang Tkhelidze and Roman Xing. “There is a lot of fights and killing throughout the film. Especially, when Luan murders Al’s brother and decides to escape from the gangs. By the end of the film the gang members attack Luan’s family and now Luan is looking for them to take revenge,” said writer, director Klement Tinaj.

“Action and horror films are my favorite genre at all time. I also realize those kind of films are the one that will draw the audience internationally and all the people in the world will understand violence and fear. I like to tell a story in a much visual way then dialogue and it fits into those two genres really well,” said Lin Zhao director of “Helping Hand”, “There is a night” and “Last Chance”.

“Last Chance” was audience’s favorite film. The audience walked out of the theater speechless after the premiere of Last Chance because the film was unpredictable. “I always like to surprise my fans. The story, action, and the shots were on point. You can feel the pain of Leo. It feels almost like you are going through the pain with him while you are watching the movie. The action and the acting was another bonus for the film,” stated Klement Tinaj, writer and producer of “Last Chance”.

“Last Chance” (2015) is an action film directed by Lin Zhao, written by Klement Tinaj, produced by Klement Tinaj, Lenadro Simozza and Roman Xing, with cinematography by Alister Conway. Klement Tinaj is also the Stunt Coordinator for “Last Chance”.  The short featured Klement Tinaj, Robert Factor, Jean Hyppolite, Paula Meilli, Adam Ohl and Shawn Roth.

“There is a night” (2014) is produced, directed and written by Lin Zhao, a short action film that was shown at the special April 12 NY premiere, starring Cristy Fuentevilla, Jean Hyppolite, Adam Ohl, Klement Tinaj, with cinematography by Alvaro Ortega.

“It has been a pleasure working with Klement, not only because he is great and passionate about what he is doing, but he can always bring you something new in a creative way. Me and him are very alike in some way, we both like to go off the wall, to think outside the box. He takes direction really well and he knows how to handle stress on set. Overall I enjoy working with Klement Tinaj,” said director Lin Zhao.

The LA Red Carpet Premiere of “Last Chance” is scheduled for May 24, 2015 at 7:30 pm at the Secret Rose Theater, in Los Angeles, California, followed by Q&A with director Lin Zhao, lead actor, producer and writer Klement Tinaj and the cast of the film.

“Twenty Days,” an original two-act play written and direct by Klement Tinaj also premiers the same day, May 24, 2014 at 8:00 pm at Secret Rose Theatre in North Hollywood. “Twenty Days is a play which will take the audience on a journey to a by-gone era. The play is an unconditional love story about a young couple that tries to make an honest living in the middle class society. That unconditional love is torn apart by infidelity, and heartbreaking news that changes Adolfo and Adriana lives forever” (


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