Musicians from Gjakova in France

By: Fitim Salihu    July 18, 2014

After a tour in France, a group of instrumentalists from the Music School “Prenk Jakova” from Gjakova presented the success of this tournament in a media conference.

The leader of this group, Pellumb Vula, clarinet professor at the Music School, emphasizes the importance of the interpreting of instrumentalists from Kosovo in France and explained that their interpretation, along with solo-singing professors from abroad, is made through small chamber groups.

Otherwise, this successful tour prompted them to invite the Gjakova Music School next year to take part in a festival that is going to be held in the French city of Dijon. /

Fitim Salihu

Fitim Salihu holds a bachelor degree from University of Prishitna in Political Science. Currently resides in Gjilan, and is a freelance contributor at He led the student organization named “ "Students Political Club" and is an active member of civil society in Gjilan.

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