MoD Registration Plan for Kosovar Diaspora

By: Kosovo Diaspora    July 1, 2014

On December 2013, the Ministry of Diaspora (MoD) launched the voluntary registration process for diaspora members. The Diaspora Engagement for Economic Development (DEED) is one of the projects which has worked closely with the MoD to establish opportunities for members of diaspora to work with policy development projects in Kosovo.


Among the many activities that DEED has implemented, supporting the MoD in cooperating with the Kosovo Agency for Statistical (KAS) as well as registering the Kosovar diaspora has been one of the priorities for this project as well as the Ministry. The register itself is a collection of information provided voluntarily by individuals from the diaspora. The information collected will provide the Kosovo government with a better understanding of the geographic and demographic profile of Kosovo diaspora in order to establish evidence-based policies in Kosovo to address the needs and concerns of diaspora worldwide.

In order to make the register of the diaspora possible, the DEED project assisted the MoD in the formulation of the original concept plan for developing the diaspora register in December of 2013 which was approved in spring 2014. Moving into the implementation phase, the project participated in and provided technical assistance to the working group and created the questionnaires used for data collection. The questionnaires will eventually be compiled in a database that will contain the accurate information of the diaspora.

To allow the government of Kosovo to communicate with the diaspora, any person that has residence outside of the territory of Kosovo, or has family originating from Kosovo, may complete the questionnaire online at: The diaspora community can also complete a physical questionnaire. Physical questionnaires have been distributed to national border crossings, airports, as well as in the Embassies of the Republic of Kosovo worldwide.

It is important to note that the data provided by the members of the diaspora is protected by Law no. 03/L-172 for the Protection of Personal Data and it will be confidential. For more information regarding the process and the questionnaires that are involved in the registration please watch the video created by the MoD at:

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