Suzanna Shkreli

Meet Suzanna Shkreli, a lawyer of Albanian descent running for US Congress

By: Diona Budima    August 22, 2016

Born and raised in Michigan, Suzanna Shkreli is a first generation American and a daughter of Albanian working-class immigrants. Suzanna went to Oakland University and later received her Law degree from Western Michigan University. She currently serves as a Macomb County Prosecutor at the Child Protection Unit where she works hard to protect children from physical violence and sexual abuse.

As someone who had to work her way through university, she understands the struggles of working class families and sees the failure of the US Congress when it comes to addressing their issues. That is why she decided to run for Congress, as the Democratic Party’s candidate for Michigan’s 8th congressional district. In the statement concerning her congressional candidacy, Shkreli says:

“We face real challenges in Michigan and as a first-generation American of Albanian origin who worked my way through college and law school with help from student loans I’ve seen a lot of those challenges in my own life.”

Suzanna Shkreli

Shkreli emphasizes how she has been fighting assault, homicide, drug crimes, and domestic violence as a prosecutor. She thinks it’s time to take those fights to Congress for an even greater impact. “Congress won’t take on the tough fights”, Shkreli states, “I will.”

Diona Budima

Diona Budima is currently a student at Macalester College (MN), where she is an English Literature and French double major and has a concentration on Critical Theory. Previously, Diona attended high school at United World College of the Adriatic (Italy), and now is a member of UWC Kosova National Committee. Diona’s interests include, but are not limited to, modernist art and literature, poetics, critical and literary theory, continental philosophy, and cinema.

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