Mark Gjonaj Runs for the New York State Legislature

By: Kosovo Diaspora    August 8, 2012

Taken from the Mark Gjonaj for State Assembly Official Website.


Mark Gjonaj was born in the Bronx and has lived here his whole life.  As the son of two immigrant union workers, Mark understands the dreams and hopes of working people, both natives and non-natives of this great country.

A successful Bronx businessman, Mark’s livelihood is dependent on a thriving Bronx community and economy.  Husband to a school nurse and dad to two students in Bronx public schools, Mark is intimately engaged in the issue that matters most to Bronx parents: quality, safe education for our children.

Mark serves as an unpaid, appointed member of the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission.  He is dedicated to public service and is a natural leader, committed to improving the lives of all Bronx residents.


The economy
“The Bronx has been devastated by the poor economy and suffers a 14% unemployment rate. Government must create an environment for small businesses to grow, while ensuring a fair living wage for workers. I will work with the public and private sectors to get our local economy back on track.”

“The Bronx has the fastest growing number of public school students of any borough in New York City.  Our schools need more resources to handle the increasing numbers.  I will fight to make sure that our children’s needs come first!”

“Crime is caused by lack of opportunity.  We can lower crime rates by raising opportunity and education levels in the community.  I will work closely with local law enforcement to ensure they have every resource needed to keep our communities safe.”

“Medicare and Medicaid funding must be protected. I will ensure that our community healthcare centers remain accessible and affordable to all.”


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