Mapping the Albanian National Football Team

By: Behar Xharra - Founder    March 29, 2015

The Albanian National Football team will play against Armenia tonight for the UEFA European Football Championship 2016. Coach Gianni De Biasi called 28 players for the preparations for the game. Most of the players are members of the Albanian Diaspora. Thirteen of them have their family roots in Albania, fourteen in Kosovo, and one in Macedonia. Four of the players are born in Switzerland, one in Germany and another in Norway.

The following maps shed some light on these statistics, and are quite telling in terms for the role of Diaspora in yet another field of life for the nation. Good luck Team Albania. We are rooting for you. #HajdeShqiperi.


Behar Xharra - Founder

Behar Xharra is the founder of He is a policy consultant and social media analyst focusing on development, diplomacy and security issues. He has worked for various governmental and non-governmental agencies in New York, Pristina, Dhaka and Lagos. Currently, he serves as a Balkans Analyst for Navanti Group in Washington D.C. Behar Xharra is a graduate of the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Columbia University. He has been a fellow at the Center for International Conflict Resolution and Harriman Institute at Columbia University. He finished his undergraduate studies at Earlham College.

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