Kosova-Turkey, second international friendly!

By: Valon Xoxa    May 20, 2014

Turkey has been chosen as the second challenge. The Kosovar team will be playing its second FIFA international friendly match on Wednesday at 18:00 pm at the Adem Jashari stadium in Mitrovica.

The Kosovar Football Federation (FFK) through its president Mr. Fadil Vokrri has announced that Mr.Fatih Terim, the Turkey National President was interested for such a match to occur.

Around 14:00 pm, the Airplane carrying the Turkish National Team has landed at Prishtina International Airport (Adem Jashari). Mr. Fadil Vokrri and other well-known Kosovar Football figures have had the chance to welcome and host the arrivals alongside their leader, Mr. Fatih Terim.

“The Emperor” has handpicked the best Turkish players on its upcoming game against Kosovo, including the Borusia Dortumnt Star, Nuri Shahin.

The Turkish team had been welcomed by a group of Turkish fans from Kosovo, whom during their arrival; they had called the names of each player.

The arrival of the Turkish team at the Swiss Diamond Hotel in Prishtina. 

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Valon Xoxa

Valon Xoxa is a staff member of Kosovodiaspora.org. He holds a bachelor degree from Westminster College (MO) in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology. Currently resides in Prishtina, and is a freelance contributor and editor at KosovoDiaspora.org. With an interest in contemporary culture, he seeks to find and incorporate articles from the Kosovar Diaspora that would shed light upon the interesting characteristics of this important global community. He has published a research article through UNDP’s School on Human Development titled “Mobility and Public Participation: A Case Study of the Kosovar Diaspora”, where a rather interesting Andersonian perspective is taken at understanding the Internet as a national identity creation medium.

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