Integrating through Art

By: Valon Xoxa    April 11, 2014

At the integration center of Aargut Canton, Agron Bajrami had the chance to present his culture through pyrography. 

Agron Bajrami is well known at the local Albanian community in Switzerland as a dancer, and as a founder of the Folk dancing school “Shota” in Aarau. The school celebrated its 20th year, and Bajrami presented some of his work in pyrography during the celebratory activities in the honor of this event. For many of those present, this was a wholly new side of Agron, even though he has been practicing this craft for 15 years now.

The exhibition included landscape imagery from Switzerland, Kosovo and Albania, animal portraits as well as historical figures. Mr. Bajrami explains that the works presented at this exhibition were his latest ones and were created in 2012-2013. “I have been working on this craft ever since the end of the war and I have plenty of projects at home and many others given as gifts to my friends and relatives. In here, you will find 30 of my projects that I have worked on this past year” says Mr. Bajrami.

The head of the integration center, Lelia Hunziker, as the host of the gallery, opened the exhibition. During the exhibition, Shukrije Ramadani, the head of Kosovar Cultural Center in Zurich, was also present.

“When we opened the center around two years ago, we were facing white and empty walls. This made us wonder what a proper solution to this problem is, and an idea that most of us agreed to was to have artists exhibit their works here. We were set on having artists of foreign origin who live and work here.” explained Mrs. Hunziker.

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