From Concept To Success: Virtual Diaspora Registration- Discussion Forum Geneva

By: Valon Xoxa    May 7, 2015

“From concept to success: Virtual Diaspora Registration – Goals, challenges and opportunities.” The virtual diaspora registration has received another boost of ideas with a discussion forum held at the consulate general of the Republic of Kosovo in Geneva. This time, the meeting led to a gathering of more than 30 representatives of various associations of the canton of Geneva and Vaud canton. Mr. Arjan Kashtanjeva, has played an active role on making this discussion forum a reality, by directly involving the Kosovar consulate, the discussion had received a boost in attention.

The discussion started with introductory remarks and a greeting by the General Consulate at the Consulate of the Republic of Kosovo in Geneva, Mr. Ramadan Avidiu. The creation of the Ministry of Diaspora and the daily work of the consulate makes affects have been highlighted for their importance on facilitating contact with the Kosovo diaspora community and Kosovar institutions. Mr. Avidu has been closely observing the development of the Kosovar Diaspora; himself being a part of the law of diaspora, Mr. Avdiu is a well-known figure in the Swiss Kosovar community.

Following,Mr.Migjen Kajtazi presented the web platform through emphasized its importance and the scope of commitment in promoting a positive image of Kosovo. has been praised as a reliable and updated news source where Kosovars of various backgrounds received the much needed attention in promoting the diaspora’s true value.

A big part of the discussion has been focused on the possibility of the current registry having flaws on its approach. A number of participants claimed that due to its voluntary nature, the registry is predestined to not fully reach everyone, thus be unable of presenting a real situation. Another participant pointed out that lack of information is what makes it difficult for the registry to have a desired reach.

A number of individuals have been continuously working in making the forum a reality: starting from Liza Gashi, Migjen Kajtazi and Arjan Kashtanjeva.

Mr. Kajtazi and Kashtanjeva contacted representatives of the Albanian associations active in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva that brought the participation of the heads of associations and NGOs as: Albanian community represented by Mr. Ali Ahmeti,, representative of the Swiss Institute of Albanian Studies represented by Mr. Bruno Kajtazi,, chairman of the association VIEW, Sir Mentor Ilazi, chairman of the Association of Albanians Gods Nionit Fadil Adam and active personalities close to the community as Sir Dzemaili Berisha choreograph.

The greater community was reached through electronic addresses, phone calls and new media such as and


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