Explain IT: Season 4, Episode 5 Bringing company culture to a remote workforce

By: Flaka Ismaili    February 7, 2022

This time we’re talking about the office of the future – how big will they be? Well as we speak we’re still in lockdown; most of us are stressed to some degree; there’s fear of infection, of isolation, there’s fear of redundancy and major financial worries. And all too soon those personal and family worries can tip over into mental health issues. Let’s face it, it could be your organisation’s insensitive or disorganised management which is to blame.

To be honest, that individual would not have been successful in building the size team that was needed if he hadn’t reached outside his comfort zone, because you just have to do it. What we’re seeing is it’s no longer that the place to be is Silicon Valley, London, and New York. Now, the place to be is online, and the digital economy is booming. Companies don’t care where people are anymore. I think that some of the barriers around like that mental barrier of, “This person’s in Mexico. Two years on, it is pretty clear that remote working is now a permanent fixture in the working life of many people.

A Two-Year Retrospective on Remote Work

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95% of Remote Workers Stream Content While Working – Tech.co

95% of Remote Workers Stream Content While Working.

Posted: Tue, 04 Oct 2022 21:32:12 GMT [source]

More than two years on, however, there’s no excuse for working hunched over your laptop on the kitchen table. There’s a plethora of peripherals and devices that can improve your comfort and productivity while working from home. And adding a couple of key pieces of equipment can dramatically boost your experience.

Interpersonal Isolation Leaves Remote Workers Looking for New Ways to Connect

But I think I think a little bit more realistically. For me, I always prioritise monitors like I couldn’t, I would have enough monitors to, you know, satisfy every single Chrome tab I have open if if one my budget allowed or my electricity bill allowed. But yeah, I think if, if you’re gonna if you’re gonna prioritise one thing in an idealistic home working set up, it’s got to be displays; more the better for me. It’s true – those subscriptions do start to add up after a while. But think about why you’re making your podcast.

Podcasts for Remote Workers

I’m getting a proper proper swivel chair with actual armrests. Yeah, and I did invest in my first pair this year. Some Sony XM4s and yeah, I just don’t know how I don’t know how I’ve gone without it to be honest. And just any any any level of noise any I don’t even have anything playing most of the time. It’s just the slight the the active noise cancellation, just blocking out just enough is fantastic. And I have a couple of colleagues I’ve got at IT Pro will know that I do take it a step further sometimes and listen to white noise. So if anyone is like me, and it does kind of make you go a bit insane after a little while.

Episode 355: How to Manage Asynchronous Remote Work With Kendra Dixon, Director of Operations for Parabol

And what they found overall, and it was published in a UK journal, was that for every pound invested in that manager training programme it saved £10 in sickness absence over the following six months. Security efforts are not limited to security teams. High impact strategies need to engage everyone from employees to the board of execs, DevOps teams and IT. Learn how how to become not just an effective partner but a trusted advisor across an organization.

Podcasts for Remote Workers

You can choose whether to record the video or discard it, but the video is an important part of the call. Seeing the other participants means you can give non-verbal cues, and receive others’. You can see when someone’s itching to jump in, so you can invite them to share.