Donjeta Krasniqi for National Assembly in Austria

By: Kosovo Diaspora    September 4, 2013

Donjeta Krasniqi is a 24-year-old law student at the University of Linz. When not studying law, she serves as the chairwoman of the Association of Socialist Students (VSStÖ). She migrated to Austria from Kosovo twenty-two years ago with her parents and is now a candidate for SPO Oberösterreich, Austria’s Socialist Party. She is the 29th candidate for the Austrian Federal Parliament, recognized among candidates of the new age. Her political views tend to be on the left of her party, which she draws from the first female Prime Minister of Austria, Johanna Dohnal. 

In an interview with the Austrian newspaper Der Standard, Krasniqi has unveiled her policy priorities for the upcoming election. She would like to raise the parliament-issued family allowance to be paid for up to 26 years, first of all. Though this assistance has been practiced in the past, it was removed. She wants to reinstate it because of her belief that social security is vital for students.

Krasniqi explained that she wanted to originally get involved with politics to help promote change. She felt like an outcast growing up in the Austrian school system, which does not welcome foreigners. “As a young woman and an immigrant, I realized the school system had tried to oust me. Eventually, I realized that this is a selection. The school system attempts to separate the wheat from the chaff in children. This is wrong. I decided for myself that I can change something if I play against such things.”

Moreover, Krasniqi explained her beliefs on refugee affairs. She stated that refugees should receive their work permits sooner, reminiscing on a time when her own father was left unemployed for three years. “The greatest wish was for my father to find a job. For three years, my family of five lived with a deactivated head of house. Human dignity under this made it impossible to live our own lives without this in mind.”

The elections for National Assembly will take place in Austria on September 29, 2013. Look for Donjeta Krasniqi, number 29.

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