Diaspora youth coordinates the new organization “Rinia”

By: Kosovo Diaspora    October 9, 2013

Despite living in Switzerland, their hearts and minds remain in Kosovo with their roots. The youngsters have formed an organization to provide help for people forgotten by everyone.

Their efforts help reach out to the worn-out and discouraged people who do not get any help in Kosovo.

The cultural-artistic association “Besa” in Biel Bienne has decided to create the humanitarian organization “Rinia” in Switzerland, which will soon create a greater network of people of good will, that live in Switzerland. “Rinia Humanitare në Zvicër” is a non-government, non-profit and apolitical organization. This association provides services for all people regardless of their ethnic, religious, political affiliation, etc. “Rinia Humanitare në Zvicër” in cooperation with the Red Cross Prishtina, visited a family of six members living in difficult circumstances this summer, in order to help them.

This was their first action as an organization, in corporation with the Red Cross Prishtina in Kosovo. The young members of this organization suggested everyone to give a symbolic amount of 10 Swiss francs to help this family. “Rinia Humanitare në Zvicër” has already opened its office in the Maeinstrasse 6, 2540 in Grenchen. They collect newspapers from the city for free and sell them so they make enough money for the rent and materials needed (necessary) for their work.

“The Humanitarian Youth in Switzerland” (“Rinia Humanitare në Zvicër”) was established in May 2012, by the dance group fellows of the cultural association “Besa” in Biel/Bienne. This organization is directed by Isuf Gashi, Emire Osmani and Shqipëron Kryeziu.

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