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Kosovo Develops the Road Map for the Diaspora Registry

The first week of February 2015 has marked the finalization of the Road Map for the Diaspora Registry. On February 6 to 8, Representatives of the DEED project, along with the commission that was appointed by the Kosovo’s Minister of Diaspora, Mr. Valon Murati, held a workshop in Boge, Kosovo, to review, draft, and finalize the Road Map for the Diaspora Registry. This commission consisted of officials from the MoD, the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, as well as academics from the field of statistics.

The Diaspora Engagement for Economic Development reports that the workshop began with an initial review of the process that is already in place for registration of the diaspora. At this phase, what has been accomplished thus far as a result of the diaspora register was discussed, and future steps, including possible initiatives, were taken into consideration. This phase also included planning for future activities as well as budget scheduling and planning for the remainder of the process for the diaspora registry.

On the following day, the plan for awareness and public information in regards to the registry were discussed and drafted. The final draft included a plan for public awareness campaigning, as well as other activities which will work towards making the diaspora registry more prevalent in public media.

On the final day of the workshop, February 8, the draft concept document for the diaspora registry was reviewed, and the plan for public awareness was revised, thereby bringing the workshop to a conclusion.

*The Diaspora Registry process is developed by the Ministry of Diaspora with the aim of strengthening Diaspora’s ties and participation in policy development processes in Kosovo. The platform has partnered with the MoD and Diaspora Engagement for Economic Development (DEED) to promote the registry among our widespread diaspora communities across five continents.

If you are a Diaspora member and would like to register, please click HERE.

The British Embassy Set to Support Diaspora Projects

Kosovo’s Minister of Diaspora, Mr. Valon Murati, hosted an introductory meeting with the UK’s ambassador in Kosovo, Mr. Ian Cliff. During this meeting, the ambassador has been informed on the 2015 priorities and long-term objectives of the Ministry of Diaspora, specifically on projects dealing with Kosovo’s Diaspora in the UK.

Minister Murati emphasized the importance of additional Albanian language classes for Diaspora and the goal of attracting foreign investments in Kosovo. He explained that these projects are a top priority for the MoD and they require a strong institutional cooperation between the two countries. “We are interested to benefit from the experience of the UK in the establishment of cultural centers (British Council) and take a similar approach with the cultural centers of the Republic of Kosovo” emphasized Minister Murati.

The British Ambassador, Mr. Ian Cliff, expressed the support of United Kingdom towards helping the Kosovo’s Ministry of Diaspora in fulfilling its goals. “The UK is characterized by many cultural representations and various events from countries around the world. We are very flexible in this regard, therefore our support in advising the Kosovar counterparts will always be there,” said Mr. Cliff. He added that the Albanian Diaspora in the UK is well integrated, especially in professional fields such as medicine, architecture and other professions.

The British Ambassador, Mr. Ian Cliff, concluded the meeting by expressing his gratitude and  the UK support on the realization of projects regarding Diaspora.

You can click here to read the original article published in Albanian in the official page of the Ministry of Diaspora.

Diaspora Ministry Set To Further Integration of Albanians in Croatia

Diaspora Minister, Mr. Valon Murati has held a meeting with the Croatian Deputy Minister of Culture, prof. Berislav Shupiq, and discussed future initiatives in furthering cooperation between the two countries. In particular, fields such as preservation of cultural heritage, language and national identity, as well as the possibility of initiating cooperation agreement for the opening of cultural centers in Kosovo and Croatia, have been the highlights of the meeting.

Minister Murati informed Mr. Shupiq over the objectives of the Kosovar Ministry of Diaspora in the field of preservation and promotion of Diaspora’s culture and its integration in the host countries. Furthermore, this meeting has put emphasis on the need for exchange of good practices between countries and initiatives that seek to benefit the Albanian community living in Croatia. Furthermore, Minister Shupiq has also offered assistance on his behalf by engaging the Institute for Restoration of Cultural Heritage Objects towards capacity building of Kosovo’s cultural institutions.

A Kosovar Play In New York City

The Consulate General of the Republic of Kosova in New York together with the theatre group   “Sikur kjo te ishte shfaqje”, from Prishtina, invites you for three days to take part in the showing of “shfaqjen me te mire reprezentive ne arenen nderkombetare”, premiered by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport of the Republic of Kosova.

The event is expected to bring the New York audience closer to Kosovar theatre.  “Sikur kjo te ishte shfaqje” is chosen in particular, for it is a play that highlights the commonalities that individuals across the globe find within the daily life.

Brief Play synopsis:

The play shares a unique perspective on life through a portrayal of its absurdity and  the way various events often are nothing more than a banal network of circumstances. How we, as human beings,  are aware of the circumstances  and often do not appreciate the fact that the surrounding does in fact shape our identity . The play brings an understanding and acceptance of the truth as it appears from multiple points of view.

The play is expected to be held on:

Place : Producers Club, 358 W 44th Street, New York,NY 10036

Dates: 17-20 December 2014

Entrance Fee : Free