Albanians winners either way!

By: admin    October 11, 2013

Tonight’s football match between Albania and Switzerland has brought a unique and tremendous electric feel among the people of four different countries: Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Switzerland.  In fact the attention is even higher in the Swiss side taking into consideration that Switzerland has six Swiss-Albanian international stars featuring for its national team.


Currently the Swiss team contains six ethnic Albanian players (originating from Kosovo and Macedonia), making this particular match even more exciting for the both sides. They are: Xherdan Shaqiri (Bayern Munich), Valon Behrami (Napoli), Blerim Xhemaili (Napoli), Granit Xhaka (Borussia Mönchengladbach), Admir Mehmedi (Freiburg), and Pajtim Kasami (Fulham). According to the Swiss sports media outlets all over the country will be watching the game closely, anxiously and waiting for the turn-out results.


But instead of distressing yourself with the final results of the match, try to think this way “the Albanians will be the winners either way.”We are proud and embrace our ambassadors. They all contribute to our nation one way or the other. They are role models; they are ambassadors. They are our pride. We need more people who are able to integrate in their host countries and contribute to them. This is the best way they can serve Kosovo, Albania, our nation, our image. They are the individuals who have continuously challenged today’s negative image of our nation that is being portrayed by Hollywood and communities all around; i.e. Taken, Wag the Dog, etc.


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