“Agnus Dei” the best at Salento International Film Fest

By: Valon Xoxa    July 5, 2014

Agim Sopi’s “Agnus Dei”, a production of  AS Productions and Kosovar Center for Cinematography, has added to its shelf another first place award. This is the eleventh award in a row that the movie has received in its international journey. This time, the award was given by the jury of “Salento International Film Fest” held between 21-28 June at the town of Lecce, Italy.

“Agnus Dei” is a movie that narrates the story of Petrit, who lives together with his mother in Serbia. The story takes an interesting turn when the audience learns that Petrir is a child of an Albanian father whom Petrit (enlisted as a Serbian solider) kills during the Kosovo war.


This and other events take Petrit, the character played by Astrit Alihajdaraj into a downward spiritual spiral. Other famous names appearing on the film are Dafina Berisha, Zaklina Ostir, Enver Petrovci, Çun Lajçi, Bajrush Mjaku.

Other international events “Agnus Dei” was a part of are “The Prestige Film Festival” in California, “The international Film Award Berlin”, ”European Film Festival”,“Ionian International Film Festival” “ London Crystal Palace International Film Festival”, “London Film Awards 2013”, “California Film Awards 2013”.


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Valon Xoxa

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