Monthly Archives: May 2015

Last year, I wrote about a “co-working open experimentation space established exclusively for technological, educational, cultural and scientific purpose” called Prishtina Hackerspace (source). The work space has since had a positive impact on its community; engaging the local youth into experimenting and learning with technology while contributing towards building a stronger tech scene in Kosovo.

Prishtina Hackerspace will soon celebrate its first anniversary and in an effort to keep the initiative up an running for years to come they have launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign called “Let’s build a Hackerspace in KOSOVO”:

At the time of writing they’ve collected $12,483 in pledges of their $15,000 goal. With 24 days left in the campaign, they still need to raise $2,517 in pledges.  So there’s still time to back this project and ensure that Kosovo still has its very own Hackerspace.

Supporting this initiative also means that the community will continue to enjoy engaging in tech related events that the Hackerspace helps facilitate. Events like Wiki Women Camp, where participants collaborate with the Girls Coding Kosova community to learn how to create and edit Wikipedia articles:

Wiki Women Camp

Wiki Women Camp with Girls Coding Kosova (GCK)

There’s “Beer and Code,” an informal gathering where speakers present tech related projects and engage participants into brainstorming and sharing ideas:

Beer and Code

Beer and Code

There was also the “OMADA” e-learning training with Girls Coding Kosova where participants followed a series of classes that taught them how to build websites and phone apps:

OMADA E-Learning

OMADA E-Learning with Girls Coding Kosova (GCK)

Be sure to check out the Kickstarter Campaign for an in depth description of all of their activities and remember that every little bit counts!


Kosovo’s Virtual Career Fair

The digital world has long been utilized by young Kosovars, breaking the geographic borders through virtual travel has become a source of both work and pleasure. Starting from 5th of May, Hasan Prishtina University will be holding its annual virtual career fair.

For both students and graduates the virtual career fair is a good opportunity to communicate with the representatives of institutions, companies and organizations that offer jobs, internships, courses, training and scholarships.

The uniqueness of this exhibition is the development of the virtual platform, which is the added value of professional services at the University of Pristina “Hasan Prishtina”. The virtual sections are: General information for KPA, information on education, counseling and career guidance, tips for students and graduates.

The Virtual Career Fair has opened up on 5th of May and will last until 7th of May 2015.