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The Kosovar Diaspora Business Union

On 18th of June 2014, the workshop on setting the Diaspora Business Union had concluded its works by selecting the heads of the unions of USA, Europe, and Canada. Businessmen from the worldwide diaspora have once again, in coordination with the Ministry of Diaspora, expressed their will and dedication in fostering economic development. 

At the event, the heads of business networks from Europe, USA and Canada, signed a Solemn Declaration on the Founding of the Union of All Albanian Diaspora Network:

– The president of the Diaspora Union of Businesses, chosen by votes is Mr. Nazar Mehmeti.

– Vice president for the North American Branch, Mr. Elmi Berisha. For Europe, the delegation chose Mr. Yll Blakaj.

Minister of Diaspora, Mr. Ibrahim Makolli, congratulated the representatives for their work and dedication; he also added that this is a truly important project for the development of Kosovo. Mr. Makolli thanked the institutions of Republic of Kosovo, International Organizations and businesses from Diaspora, all agents that have been important on creating the union.

The representatives from Diaspora businesses continued their visit in Rahovec, Gjilan and Gjakova where they met with the mayors of each city. Throughout these meetings, they discussed for different methods of cooperation; the municipalities expressed keen interest in offering infrastructural support on business creation as well as promised assistance in fostering proper business environment.

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Kosovo’s National Strategy on Diaspora

The workshop for developing Kosovo’s first ever National Strategy on Diaspora took place on the 13th of June in Prizren. After two workshops held in January and May, over 20 participants came together to finalize this important document in Prizren.

According to DEED, amongst the participants 25% of them were women and three were members of diaspora from England, Italy and Switzerland. This helped the results of the workshop to more accurately represent the real willingness of members of diaspora to get engaged in economic development.

As a result of this workshop the first draft of the Action Plan was finalized in coordination with the Ministry of Diaspora for the final approval by the Government of Kosovo.

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Saving Valon Behrami

“I did not do it for football, I did it for humanity” says Alex Pedrazzini , MP of Ticino Canton from the CVP (Christian Democratic Party) as he explains how he was set on preventing the deportation of Valon Behrami years ago.

If it wasn’t for Alex Pedrazzini a parliamentary at the Testina Canton from CVP, Switzerland might be missing one of its key football players. Valon Behrami’s family is forever grateful for the work that Pedrazzini did in keeping Behrami from deportation.

Back in 1998, Behrami’s family was refused permission to stay in Switzerland. Mr. Ragip, Valon Behrami’s father, had only one option, to turn to Mr. Pedrazzini. Their sons played football for the same team so the two families had a friendly history. “Listen Alex, I need your help!” were Ragip Behrami’s words. 16 years later, Mr. Pedrazzini admits that it really was his intervention that was the deciding act on keeping the Behrami family in Switzerland.

“I did not do it for football, I did it for humanity” says Mr. Pedrazzini in retrospective. He argues that once he examined the family history and records, he found enough evidence to support a case in favor of the Behrami family.

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Lorik Cana: An Unofficial Ambassador

The Albanian people know him as their ambassador and the football world knows him as the dedicated defensive center-back for Lazio. We speak of no less then Lorik Cana. The new football hero was born on July 27, 1983, a summery day in Pristina, Kosovo.

Following his fathers Agim Cana footsteps, Lorik Cana and his family moved in 1992 to Switzerland where his father signed for the football club Montreux. Lorik’s professional football career began in 2002, when he signed for Paris Saint-Germain’s first squad. According to, he made 69 appearances during three seasons and scored two goals. Lorik saw further success when he signed onto another French club, Marseille, and became the key midfielder in 2005.

Though he has three citizenships and, thus, three national teams to choose from, Lorik Cana followed his heart and roots and chose Albania. In an interview 2009 with journalist Louise Taylor for The Guardian , Mr Cana says ” I want to give my best all the time, to make my family and my people proud”.

He has since 2003 played for Albania’s national team where he also is the team captain.  The footballer had already in 2003, at the age of 20, been voted as the Albanian footballer of the year. After playing for Marseille, Lorik continued his career playing for teams such as Sunderland and Galatasaray and finally the italian football club Lazio where he currently is signed.

Albanian Books at the Multicultural Day in St. Galen

St. Gallen’s square has been turned into a true festival scene – people from the region have decided to visit the multicultural fest where they have the chance to meet and greet with ethnic minorities. The square was filled with flags, musical tunes, culinary creations and a great many books.

The multicultural day is a festivity set mainly by the migrant organizations. It is an annual event that brings colorful tents, music and dancing at the city square. The festival is based on the idea of promoting the spectrum of communities that populate Switzerland. It is an opportunity to connect with others and meet new people.

Fitnete Lala Schid put up a tent with children’s stories and books. She proudly read and sang many of the books in her Albanian native language. Mrs. Shid enthusiastically shared her stories and invited everyone to visit the “Freihandbibliothek” library where there are hundreds of books to be found. Moreover, the visitors are able to visit the library during the “Albanian Story Hour” which she holds every first Thursday of the month at 17:00.

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Fatlum Ramadani is dreaming of Germany

A couple of weeks ago Fatlum Ramadani left his team Llamkos Kosova to try his luck in Germany. Albanian media reported that the Bundesliga team Borussia Dortmund but also the second division team Bochum have offered him trials.

Ramadani is considered one of the greatest talents in Kosovo. He was a part of the Belgium team Gent for a few months but returned to Kosovo after the experience. The soon to be 19-year old is now hoping to leave Kosovo for a bigger league but the question that remains is – will it be Germany?

Hava Bekteshi performs with the çifteli on TV ” Hamburg 1″

Raised far away from her homeland, Gostivar; Hava Bekteshi has not forgotten her roots and tradition. Her favorite musical instrument is the çifteli; she brings it along to all her performances throughout Germany.

Recently, Hava and her skill to play the Çifteli were showcased on TV Hamburg 1, where she had decided to play a little love song.

“Welcher bist du?”- the Premier of Swiss-Albanian production

“Welcher bist du?” or “Which one are you?” is a highly anticipated movie by Valton Jakupi. The premier is set to take place on 22nd of June in Cinewil at 12:30 pm. The movie premier will have an organized cocktail for the audience where people will have the chance to taste Albanian cookies and sweet dishes.

The movie “Which one are you?” by Bujanovc born Valton Jakupi and producer Felix Baumgartner sheds light on the life of Albanians in Switzerland and breaks down the  pre-conceptions people have on immigrants. The movie captures a wide range of characters that one could encounter in a diaspora community and specifically focuses on the type of Albanians one meets in Switzerland.

Based on Mr. Jakupi, the movie is primarily done in German. However, there are bits and pieces where conversations are held on Albanian. The movie is set on the lives of two characters, the father and son and their views on life in the West and the struggles of living abroad. “I wanted to send a message through the movie – I wanted to show that the Albanian community in Switzerland is integrated and there are many Albanians working on careers that are not necessary blue color jobs”.

Valton Jakupi and Felix Baumgartner call on all the people who are talented actors to visit their offices. They are eager to work with young actors and help them reach their dreams. They will be working on a follow up project on integration and would love to include as many young people as possible!

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Saranda Supports the Swiss National Football Team

Saranda Maliqi, the Kosovar who is a potential “Miss Switzerland” posed for the World Cup “Brasil 2014”.

Saranda, wearing a shirt of the Swiss national team wished luck to the Albanian players for Switzerland in the World Cup. Switzerland is the favorite team of the potential Miss Switzerland of Kosovo descent.

“I will support Switzerland because the most of its players are Albanians. I am proud that they are Albanians who represent in the best way possible our people and our nation abroad. They are excellent players”, said Saranda for

Saranda competes in October for the award of the most beautiful girl in Switzerland, along with Anita Shala, who will be among eighteen other candidates.

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Flaka’s winning design at “Swiss Design Awards”

The work of Flaka Jahaj recall the national costumes from her birthplace, Kosovo, writes the Swiss media. 

The Swiss Design Awards” is a cultural event hosted by the Swiss Federal Office of Cultural Affairs. The event gathers designs from categories of: photography, graphic design, fashion and textile design as well as product and structural design. The winning price, given since 1918, this year has been given to 20 people. 3 winning prizes have been given for photography, 9 on graphic design, 4 on fashion design and 4 on product and structural design.

Among the winning names of this year’s competition is Fashion Designer, Flaka Jahaj. Flaka was born in Kosovo and raised in Switzerland. Her current life is defined by travels to Paris, London and Switzerland in search of fashion inspiring work. Swiss media are in awe of the inspiring designs that Flaka brought to the competition. The costumes remind the audience of the Kosovar ethnic clothing.

Flaka Jahaj is honored to have had her work appreciated by the jury and has pledged to continue her creative work. She told the newspaper “Tageswoche” that with the amount of money earned from this award, she will cover the costs of her works.

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